Reinstitution of Death Sentence: Pros and Cons

Some others assume it was a good thing to revoke the death sentence since its unethical to execute people for one mistake, and its against human right to kill one of our kind. To begin with, the death sentence has always terrified people even more than a lifetime in prison, because they know when theyll die, and cannot see their family anymore. In some cases, the panic of death sentence prevents killers from doing more crimes. The reason is that people are scared of being alone without anyone in eternity.

Also, nobody knows how exactly the after-life is, and the unknown scares people that the after-life might even be nothing.

Secondly, when criminals are in horrible and awful prisons, they might rethink their purpose toward life, and decide to become a better person when they are released out of jail. But when they are sentenced to death, they see no points for becoming a better person since they are going to die very soon.

They might even become a better person but cannot help the community anymore in prison. This why the death sentence should not be reinstituted. Since the removing of the death penalty in 1976, Canadas murder rate has steadily been declined. As right now, the rate is at its lowest since 1965. This proves the removal of the death penalty in 1967 has actually made people a better version. It also supports that people change their intention for life in prison.

Some people believe it was a mistake to remove the death sentence because death sentence stands for justice and closure – an eye for an eye – and should be brought back as a law.

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One reason for bringing back the death penalty is that if a murderer has stumped on all of his or her moral code and killed another human being. Therefore he or she must be executed. So the world could be a safer place without them since they are dead and not able to kill people. If a killer is not executed and, he or she was ever released out of prison, there would still be a chance of him or her to be evil. Accordingly, he or she could plan on murdering more innocent people.

In addition, some philosophers regard Humans without morality as wild animals trying to fight each other to death. In our life, we learn that action has its own consequences, meaning bad action have bad result, and good action have good result. If we were to follow this rule, another reason to bring back death sentence would be criminals should face the consequences of their action – killing people – and be executed. In another word, punishments should fit their own crimes, in this case, the criminal should be executed for murdering someone else.

In conclusion, deciding which side is the better side is a challenging issue since one side brings the ethical issue of the death sentence, and other makes you wonder if the world would be safer without these murderers.

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Reinstitution of Death Sentence: Pros and Cons
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