Pop Art and Surrealism in the Modern Age

Many people are familiar With the form of surrealistic art and/or pop art, With the growing use of technology in the let century a new style of art has emerged combing both aspects of these late 20th-century designs. It is entitled , Massurrealistic style of art is a movement to introduce a thought-provoking and visually challenging art alternative to a culture that is fast-paced, and intelligent It is a movement attempting to create a hybrid that will prosper omits own social and artistic merits.

Both pop art and surrealism reigned during their era of popularity, but neither was able to withstand the true test of Significance, time has chosen to stride towards viability through lessons learned from past attempts to insert experimental arts into the mainstream. In the case of surrealism, it proved ahead of its time but too complex to survwe the horror evolving from WWII. Pop art also spawned of its times caught the fancy of the mainstream in a very commercial way, but because of its thin content could not flourish beyond the party of the sixties.

In retrospect each could have used the other to create the staying power both lacked. (Carrillo, Massurealism: AVisual and Conceptual Hybrid) takes the surrealism aspect of its dream-like psychic image and interprets it into amore mass popular. usually appealing entity. Pop arts influence on is more form a creative standpoint, which is extremely vital in todays age of overflowing media influence. (Carrillo, Massurealism: AVisuaI and Conceptual Hybrid) By definition Massurealism is “the combination of largely unrelated concepts and VISIDnS that portray the popular perception of modern imagery, thus procuring its momentum from the disinterested play of thought which is dedicated to the absence of control exerted by reason, and emancipated from all aesthetic or moral preoccupations.

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(Pritchard: Massurealism- Modern Media) The title was derived by American artist James Seehafer who wrote a brief essay on the topic published in 1992. Seehafer, like many contemporary artists, is strongly influenced by pop art, mass media. as well as technology and surrealism.

The subject he chose as symbols of the pop culture for his first series of Massurrealistic paintings consists of shopping carts. These and further explorations led the artist to the foundation of the new movement. Seehafer points out that the word itself is what is new. This is a movement already undenlvay. Art scholars and enthusiasts seem to agree. The concept of is indeed receiving overwhelming positive interest from the art community worldwide. With interests gathering among other artists, the first official massurrrealistic group exhibit took place in 1995, in the small town of South Non/walk, Connecticut, and U.S. A. The exhibit featured various mixed media including Video an. In turn, the followmg year the American based exhibit inspired a group of art students in Hamburg, Germany to hold their own mas surrealist art-party. A second manifesto published in 1996, titled “Massurrealism: A ACollection of Views” consists of additional thoughts from other artists, including an art director of advertising Salvatore Lodico, a video artist Shaun Pritchard and graphic designer and painter Michael Morris, Lodico expressed a point of view, which enabled his readers to truly understand the concept of Massurrealism by comparing it to well-known styles of art. He explained, “When someone mentions Massurrealism, the style of Salvador Dali combing with the style of Andy Warhol comes to mind.

Dali was from the Rennaissance School. He was a great painter, and was a master craftsman and surrealist. He used both massrculture objects like no other artist ever did. He had a great sense of color and design. He expressed himself simply. Warhol used repetition to create a new art form. Warhol was strictly pop art, he was no surrealist. I think that if you combine both brains we might posSIble have one great massurrealist.” He then continues With his thoughts of the subconscious hoping to enlighten the mind of his readers with a sense of magic. With this attempt to sport inspiration, he wrote, “As I am typing I cant help thinking of Michelangelo’s painting of the Sistine Chapel “Creation” with God’s right hand so strong pointing his index finger and almost touching Adam’s lifeless hand creating life on Earth, Every time I look at it I feel that spark. It’s unbelievable. Picture these manrmade mass produced objects, and nature produced objects. A Microchip and an aircraft carrier, and everything in between. Aflea and a n elephant and all animals in between. A little hut and the tallest skyscraper and al manrmade structure in between. A piccolo and the biggest musical instrument and all other musical instruments in between. now mix yourself your favorite drink, in fact, have a few. Now picture all of the above object and morinside your minds eye. Shake well until a few come out flying in a slow motion across the room and onto your white canvas, creating the most exciting Dali-Warhol massurrealsitic painting of this generation.“ One important aspect of Massurrealism is the common thread among massurrealists, the marriage of pop-art/mass media

subjects and techniques of the surreal, which are individually expressed in each artist. For example. painter Michael Morris incorporates current technologies (xeroxes, fax machines, rubdown. computer images) to his mixed media paintings Using the massrproduced elements like any poprartist would, Morris creates a massurrealist image. These are just a few techniques that bridge the gap between the “traditional” and the newer media.(Atkins. Massurrealism: How It Got Started) Massurrealism doesnt need to have acceptance or popularity. Since Massurrealism incorporates popular culture in to the content of its work, the idea forms a certain popularity all in it’s own. There is no acceptance needed it is iust there. Similar to advertising whether you want to read, see, or listen to it you do because it is Just there, Of course time can only tell of massurrealism’s fate in a field where skeptics rule the plains, but as far as committing to a visual and Conceptual movement that is of a different palate, it already has succeeded. One of the major advantages Massurealism has as a movement is its ability to satisfy craVings of many unique artistic impressions.

For example it has conquered Hollywood throughout the cinema With such hits as Quinton Terrantino‘s Pulp Fiction. Graphic artist, Michael Betancourt also found fame and fortune through a form of massurealism with his digital photograph of the ever popular Nike check and infamous words “just do it!” Massurrealism has also began to conquer the rheum of poetry. For every form of surrealism, there seems to be a massurrealist equivalent. the only real are that hasn’t been explored too much is massurrealist poetry. A common question asked is, if massurrealist poetry exists, how does it differ form regular surrealist poetry? One possible answer would be to consider the way the poem is produced. Using technology, here one can get creative. Taking an existing poem does this, and sending it through a digital language translation done by a computer into a iew languages, then it is translated back into the original language it was written in. Here is one example of a massurrealist poem. the group took Our Lady Peace the following lyrics from a song “Our Lady Peace”, The title of the song is Clumsy and is from their 1997 album.

First the original version of a song verse: Throw away the radio suitcase that keeps you awake hide the telephone in case you realize that sometimes you’re just not okay you level off but its not alright now you need to understand there’s nothing strange about this you need to know your friends l’ll be waving my hand watching you drown watching you scream quiet or loud Maybe you should sleep maybe you Just need a friend as clumsy as you‘ve been there‘s no-one laughing you Will be safe in here Now, here is the translation in German, translated Via digital process by Altawsta translation sewices: Werfen Sie weg den Radiokoffer, dem unterhaelte Ste Fell das Telefon aufwachen, falls Die feststellen, das somtimes Sie Sie Stufe weg bon gerades nicht okay sind, aber es nicht alright jetzt Sie Notwendigkeit ZU verstehen ist, es nichts givt. das ober dieses merkwordig ist, das Sie wissen mosssen, das lhre Freunde Ertririken Sie ich meine Hand wellenartig bewegen werde, die Sie wathcing ist.

Sie scream oberwachend auf stille Art oder loud Msglichenrveise sollten Sie msglichen/veise schlafen Sie gerade Notwendigkeit ein Freund. der so unbeholfen is, wie Sie dort sind niemand gewesen sind, dass Sie Iacht. sind sicher in heir. Finally, the German translation can be translated back into English by the digital translation sewice: Throw away the radio suit-case, to which Unterhaelte yoiu wkae up skin the telephone, if you state that sometimes you are not you level away of even okay, but its not to be understood you alright now necessity, it anything gives, which is strange over this, which you must know that your friends drown you I mean to hand will wavelike move, which is you watching you scream monitoring in quiet type or loud possibly you should possibly sleep you even necessity a friend, who is so clumsy. as you are nobody there were, which laughs you, are surely in here.

Alright Awkwardly throw away by radio bag, that Unterhaelte to awake you skin telephones, if you to declare that sometimes you not you level far equal ok, but not to include/understand well now required to you, something to give, which strange above this, which to have to you to know that your friend walnut tree you | to mean to give wavelike movement, which you watching you cry to superVIse in standard or strong silencer Probably you should probably sleep even required you a friend, who is so awkward, because you are nobody there was, which laughs you, are surely in here. To say the least, mass realistic poetry has an interesting outcome. (Christov-Bakargiev, Arte Povera) Poetry is not the only written form of massurrealism. Essays are also becoming a popular form of expressing massurrealism. (Christov- Bakargiev. Arte Povera) As massurrealism grows there organizations collaborating to help inspiring Massunealism style artists express their works.

The most renown of those groups is the Massurrealist Society International. This organization uses the Internet as its museum to house the works of aspiring artists. Not only is it used as a new medium to work With, but it can now also be used to exhibit. Here an artist can submit their work and actually be awarded by the organization. They award one award of merit each month. The Massurrealist Society is a non profit organization which provtdes its members, and the rest of the Internet public, an excellent resource focusing on avery unique form of art. As time progresses, newer media and technology are being discovered. The evolving computer technology alone is changing what is considered “mass media”. Along with the help of television and cable a worldwide art movement Is developing, Massurrealism leads this evolution. and embodies the mysteiy of today’s society. Expressions of the imagination and the creatiVIty are what surround its inspiration.

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