People Are Very Emotional Creatures

Very often we succumb to different emotions, and all of them are bizarre in their way and carry consequences. It often happens that people, committing acts under sharp emotions, regret about happened. But the most terrible emotion is anger and resentment. This is the darkest and most evil emotion in humans. Feeling angry, people commit terrible things, such as murders, beatings, damage to property, suicide, and so on. Many families were destroyed due to anger and resentment, and children grew up without fathers or mothers, sometimes both of them.

The offensive word spoken in a fit of anger makes best friends – enemies. For centuries, people have tried to get rid of anger. And resentment, since it is these two emotions that are most often the causes of war and strife.

Rage and resentment cannot be restrained in yourself, because firstly, it is a time bomb and sooner or later, you will explode from this accumulation of negative emotions. Secondly, the containment of acute emotions in itself, preventing them from escaping, leads to serious health problems and psyche problems.

And so the question arises, how to deal with anger and resentment. British scientists have concluded that the best way to deal with stress and anger is to beat something fragile. Since the visualization of the fact that you broke something makes your mind understand that the goal of aggression has been fulfilled and you have broken something significant. This way of highlighting your own emotions. Allows you to throw out all the evil energy, not on people, but objects.

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But there are rules of ethics and norms of behavior, just as likely your family will consider you mentally insane if you just start breaking and destroying all things in your house, and you can hardly explain to them that this relieves stress well, and you destroy your home just because you don’t want to offend your loved ones. Most likely, your loved ones will refuse from you after that and there will be no sense from such stress-deliverance.

Therefore, our company “Crash” invites you to visit your home. We show our hospitality that you would break us all the dishes, furniture and all household appliances. We are better than other psychologists to help you cope with your problems, we understand and accept all your anger and problems better, your best friends. Moreover, we will especially give you a baseball bat, protectors and a marker. Why do we need a marker will be explained for you later, so read to the end? In the meantime, look forward to how you will destroy and crash, put on closes more conveniently, call a taxi and come here. We understand that different people require a different approach, therefore, people can choose among three types of developments.

“Complex” – we let you into the room with the baseball bat, where everything will be equipped in a home style. There will be old furniture, a Soviet TV, chairs, a table with dishes and various household furniture and appliances. To help, we will give a protective suit and a faceless bat. The cost of all this is only $ 50 because we do not want our price makes you angry.  “Battle” – is a room for two people, so you take an angry friend, you both stand against each other and each of you will be staying behind bulletproof glass. Then, you are given a certain amount of dishes and you take turns throwing it at each other. This can also be done not only at the time of aggression against each other but also as entertainment. The cost will be $ 15 for each person, almost like a small breakfast in the American dining room.

“Myself” – a room with a stone wall, where you are given a protective suit, marker and bark of various dishes. You write with a marker on utensils, all your problems and people who enrage you, and with all the force you throw them at a stone wall. It helps with stress. It is not strange that during many family quarrels, the first thing the dishes break is. The cost of relaxation and stress relief is only $ 20. And so for the implementation of this project, we will need first of all a room, at least 45 square meters, it should be in a more or less crowded place, a possible option is the placement of the premises, in an amusement park, with a more adult audience.

If you try, you can find such a room for $ 450 if you rent it for a long time, they will help us in finding sites like OLX. This should be an empty room so that we can divide it into three parts and equip it with our type of activity. Then we need to place an ad stating that we can pick up unnecessary furniture from the house by type, old furniture or household appliances from the house for free, usually, people pay money for it. Also, for this, we need to find a company that is engaged in cargo transportation, and draw up a contract with them on an ongoing basis, so that they cut the price for their services. We also need a lot of cheap and well-breaking dishes, it can be ordered from the Internet. For a room with bulletproof glass, it’s not strange, we need bulletproof glass, it can also be ordered from the Internet.

As advertising, we will use social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, approximately $ 20 per week will be spent on advertising. Since there are filters in these social networks, we can indicate to who this advertisement will be available to. We need people from 16 years old who live in the area of ​​70 km. from our attraction. Best of all, our idea is suitable for people who have no physical work in life, they are not athletes and not farmers since in these areas people frustrate their aggression with physical work. Therefore, office workers, consultants, waiters, and people who do not need to use strong physical labour are ideal for us. Having decided on everything, it remains only to choose the opening date.

Early spring is ideal, spring exacerbation begins at this time, which means that during this period, people are more emotional and more physically active. In conclusion, this business can be started with a capital of 1500, and it requires a lot of work in the early stages, it will take a lot of time for this idea to start working automatically. But we must understand that the main part of the profit should be spent on marketing, which will help us to increase our client base and develop our business. So our company “Crash” will turn from a small business idea, into a large company

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