World Locations Heritage Assignment

Australia was the seventh country to approve the convention, in 1974. In Australia, the federal government is responsible for the nomination of World Heritage sites. However, governments do not decide whether a site in their country is inscribed on the World Heritage List. That decision is made by the World Heritage Committee, a group of elected representatives of 21 of the States Parties based at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. What is the difference between a ‘cultural’ site and a ‘natural’ site? The difference between a ‘cultural’ site and a ‘natural’ site is…

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Cultural heritage sites are man- made sites which reflect the culture of our human ancestors – like the Pyramids of Egypt or the Great Wall of China.

Natural heritage sites are sites that is created by natural forces and reflects the natural wonders – like the Grand Canyon or the Great Barrier Reef. 2. Location and Map Location of Hyde Park Barracks on world map Location of Hyde park Barracks on a local map 3.

Site Information Hyde Park Barracks Information The Hyde Park Barracks are where the convicts from the First Fleet lived.

It is now a popular place for tourists and locals to go because it is extremely interesting to see how the convicts lived and went about their daily lives. What is special about the Hyde Park Barracks? What I think is special about the Hyde park Barracks is that it is part Of our history as a nation. If we were to destroy it, we would destroy part of our history as Australians.

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Why was it given World Heritage Status? Think it was given World Heritage Status because if we destroyed it we would to be able to replace it and that would be to destroy part of our history, part of us.

Also it would be getting rid of an interesting tourist attraction. 4. Site Management How is the site currently managed? The site is managed by the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales as a museum open to the public for a small fee. Are there any problems associated with tourism or environmental damage?

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