Unsanitary Conditions In Fast Food Restaurants

How many of you eat fast food more than three times a week? Do you eat It because it tastes good? Do you eat It because It’s cheap or because It’s fast and convenient? Do you know where they get It from, or how they cook It or what they use to cook It? On the other hand, not all fast food Joints are bad for you; the most Important thing to keep In mind Is to know what you are eating and making smart decisions.

Essay Example on Unsanitary Conditions In Fast Food Restaurants

Do you ever wonder how clean the kitchen Is or the cooking conditions that take place? There are three types of fast food dangers; Illness, obesity and fast food uncial danger. BODY . Illnesses caused by fast foods (M. Mutant) A. Food Poisoning 1. Food poisoning is one of today’s most visible fast food scares. 2. Food poisoning comes from two main causes a. Unsanitary cooking conditions b.

Improperly cooked food II. Obesity from eating too much fast food (Dateline) A.

Obesity is a growing concern that affects all age groups but is more effective on people who eat fast food meals several times a week. B. Making smart choices 1. Drink water instead of soda 2. Choose healthier side items 3. Opt for small portions or split the meal 4. Skip heavy condiments such as mayo or ketchup C. Supervise Me is Ill. Fast food financial dangers A. Many people don’t realize the fast food financial danger that can quickly take over their wallet.

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The average cost for a single person can range up the 5-7 dollars; however these costs can quickly escalate when eating at these fast food restaurants multiple times a week. 1. Make fast food meals a treat and not a convenience 2. Avoid requesting larger sizes that add more to the bill 3. Use coupons and special deals to enjoy your treat at a lower cost C. If you eat a Bldg Mac twice a week that’s $12. 00, at the end of the month It will be $48. 00 and at he end of the year It come out to be around $576. 00.

Conclusion so In conclusion remember Tanat tenure are over 2 restaurants In ten United States and many hungry people are unaware of the fast food dangers that lurk inside the wrappers and under plastic lids of these convenient meals. Fast food dangers come in several forms, but health and budget conscious consumers can easily avoid these traps of the fast food industry with common sense. So the next time you pull into a fast food Joint, think about your health and if you really want to eat something that you are unsure of and if it fits your budget.

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Unsanitary Conditions In Fast Food Restaurants
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