What Is A Grabber in Literature

This essay sample on What Is A Grabber provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

In fact, the very first sentence of your essay can be viewed as the first chance when you can capture the attention of your target readership. As a rule, everybody refers this sentence as the grabber, and it is important for you to understand all the peculiarities of implying attention grabbers into your essay.

Beginning your paper, you should think of what makes the topic you dwell upon peculiar and interesting.

The writer should always care about his or her target audience. That is how you are supposed to prepare while writing your perfect essay on the different topic. Be sincere and personal to make your readers not only get interested in what you write about but also believe you and even share your ideas and viewpoint.

It is an axiom that no matter how captivating the topic of your writing is, it won’t become successful without a strong grabber. What is a grabber in an essay?

Do you have any association with the word “grabber”? In literature, such phenomenon exists as well. You came across such case when the first sentence or paragraph is very attractive, and you cannot stop reading. Such situation is an illustration of the grabber; it is the passage of information that keeps you tense and invokes to read the whole piece.

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Nowadays, such technique is very effective and guarantees you a lot of readers.

How to grab the readers? Check the winning methods that will attract the target audience

Generally speaking, there exist five most commonly used options for you to grab the reader’s attention successfully regardless the topic of the piece. Below you can find out the one which will be suitable for your paper.

  1. A definition

If you are writing about something concrete, there is no other way for you to grab your reader’s attention than to provide the brief definition of the discussed concept at the very beginning of the text. For example, if you are writing about some historical or cultural event of whatever country, it is a good option to define this event and its importance in the first sentence of your essay. In situation you manage to intrigue your readers, their attention will grow with every next sentence and every next fact or piece of information you mention.

  1. A quotation or paraphrase

The successfully implied quotation may also work quite well to engage your reader into the topic you dwell upon. However, in fact, do not be sure that the more famous a person whom you quote is, the better chances are for you to establish the positive impression in the eyes of your audience. It does not necessarily mean that you have to quote only the most prominent people on the planet. Even though somebody took their words from the context do not reveal the complexity of your problem. You may feel free to use whatever quotations unless they contradict your thoughts present in your work.

  1. A funny anecdote (it is still better first to check its effect on your friends or family)

What is a grabber in an essay? A short funny anecdote can become a helping hand for the writer if you make it suitable and use properly. It will work in the process of making a positive impression of your paper. However, it is crucial to remember that you should not include long anecdotes to make your target reader tired. You can also make them unwilling to read the rest of the paper. The important thing is that, without any doubts, you are not supposed to tell your readers how they should feel about your joke. Unfortunately, sometimes this golden rule is violated and, in such case, the writer twists the knife.

  1. A striking or just not that widespread fact about the topic you have chosen for the essay

That can be some surprising piece of information or either the fact that has amazed you. Thus, you would like to share it with your target audience. You can take it from statistics, scholarly references or elsewhere but you should be sure that it is a truthful fact because, otherwise, the reputation of your essay will become out on a limb. What is more, make sure that this fact works on your thesis statement and does not contradict with the rest of your paper as well. Do not make jokes about the racial or political issues under any circumstances. It is a type of forbidden thing even if you are writing for your friends or colleagues only. Staying deeply polite and tolerant towards other cultures and nations is just a must unless you want to spoil your reputation! Do you have any ideas what is a grabber in an essay?

  1. A rhetorical question related to your subject

A wise and up-to-the-topic rhetorical question immediately grabs the reader’s attention because, in such way, he or she will subconsciously want to read more about the topic of discussion to reveal some new piece of information. Still, it has to be both interesting and quite relevant to what you speak about. Do not try to use some vividly abstract concepts to hook your audience. Forget about the bogus sense and false depth of narration. Instead of this, you would better spend some time considering how you wish to make your target readers intrigued. You can easily implement it in practice by the rhetoric question of your choice.

Hence, these were five major effective types of attention-grabbing techniques you can choose for captivating your readership’s attention. They will help you feel more confident when preparing for the writing process. Also, they will give you evident benefits of improving your writing skills. All in all, no matter which type you will go for, make sure that your final essay has a strong and easily distinguished grabber. Don’t be afraid of those obstacles you may encounter on your way. When writing a perfect essay always try to stay positive and your audience will appreciate it! Do you still hesitate what is a grabber in an essay?

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What Is A Grabber in Literature
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