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MARKETING RESEARCH INTERNAL ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT SATISFACTION OF VODAFONE CUSTOMERS BY RAHUL G GADDAM PGDM BT ROLL NO: 10 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In the preparation of this report, I acknowledge the encouragement and assistance given by a number of people from IPE. I sincerely thank Dr. Reshmi Ann Thomas for providing assistance and guiding me in doing this project. I thank her once again for exposing me to research methodology and also exposing me to software package SPSS.

I want to show my gratefulness to all the respondents who spared their precious time in answering my questionnaires.

INDEX PAGE NO: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 4 INTRODUCTION 5 Executive Summary This research intends to investigate the relationships between the independent variables (offers,affordability,customer service, connectivity) and the dependent variable (customer satisfaction in Vodafone).

It is a correlational study that measures the relationship by showing offers,affordability,customer service, connectivity as the independent variables and consumer preference as the dependent variable. The sample for this study was the IPE postgraduate students who use Vodafone as their service providers.

Total 43 questionnaires were distributed among the undergraduate students and each questionnaireconsists of 14 questions. therefore 602 questions were used for data analysis. SPSS 15. 0 was used to analyze the collected data.

Essay Customer Satisfaction

Reliability analysis and stepwise regression analysis were performed for testing hypothesis. Finally, considering the time and resource constraints, the researcher tried to follow every possible guideline to establish the relationship between the variables. INTRODUCTION Vodafone is a mobile network operator headquartered in Berkshire, England, UK. It is the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world by turnover and has a market value of about ? 75 billion (August 2008).

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Vodafone currently has operations in 25 countries and partner networks in a further 42 countries. The name Vodafone comes from Voice data fone, chosen by the company to “reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones. “As of 2006 Vodafone had an estimated 260 million customers in 25 markets across 5 continents. On this measure, it is the second largest mobile telecom group in the world behind China Mobile. Mobiles places a vital role in our life these days. There are many network providers in the market. Vodafone is one of the major player in the telecom sector.

This research is all about customers using Vodafone as their serivce providers. The customer has wide choice of selecting the network, among them Vodafone stands the first to be choosen and that is the reson why it is said to be worlds largest network. The main objective of this research is to find out whether the customers using Vodafone as their service providers are satisfied with its service or not. Satisfaction of the customer is the main priority of a service. More than 70% of its users are satisfied with its service (according to the researcher).

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Vodafone Customer Satisfaction
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