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The Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) is a taking economic development in touristry, one of Singapore ‘s cardinal service sectors. The organisation is known for partnership, invention and excellence in doing it a cardinal economic driver for Singapore. ( STB, updated 2010 )

Based on the Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) media release on April 23, 2009 and October 27, 2009, the cardinal statistics show that there is an unfavourable alteration in inflow of Singapore Tourism.

Visitor reaching to Singapore has declined in earlier portion of the twelvemonth 2009 when compared to twelvemonth 2008. This is well caused by the lessening of tourer reaching from Singapore ‘s top five visitor-generating markets which is besides deduction of the external forces by Political, Economical, Socio-cultural and Technology developments at the tourer bring forthing states every bit good as the finish state.

Other major factors include the followerss ;

Singapore Tourism Economy

The gap of boundary lines

An addition in disposable income and holidaies

Reasonable priced airfares

An addition in the figure of people with clip and money

More people with the impulse to go

The weak public presentation in tourer reaching further leads to worsen in general economic system of the state as Tourism provides authorities with significant revenue enhancement grosss. As there is mutuality between assorted sections of touristry, public presentation by other touristry related sectors such as Hotel, Attractions, Restaurants, Theme Parks and other Resorts in Singapore faced the negative multiplier consequence of the lessening of tourer reaching in earlier 2009.

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Problem Identification and Analysis

As at April 2009, Tourist reaching bead – hotel industry public presentation bead in general compared to the same month in twelvemonth 2008 – AOR / ARR/ Revpar/ room revenue/ ………

There is a tendency in Singapore touristry harmonizing to functionary records that there is a well low inbounds in the first months of a calendar twelvemonth. These could moderately be caused by the agenda and modus operandis of a on the job mid-class visitants where there are least likely to be granted a holiday period. Another cardinal influence of the inflow is the planetary economic system crisis that took topographic point and effected world-wide economic system in 2008 which was triggered by a liquidness deficit in the United States banking system. It contributed to the failure of cardinal concern, diminutions in consumer wealth, significant fiscal committednesss incurred by authoritiess, and a important diminution in economic activity.

Harmonizing to the statistics from October 2009, media release by Singapore Tourism Board, the visitant reachings to Singapore has picked up in a positive mark registering increase figure of 9,000 which was about 10 % of the reaching in earlier that twelvemonth.

This is an deduction of cardinal part by top visitor-generating markets from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan. These influences could be regarded as a consequence from public vacations at the tourer bring forthing states.

Some factors include grant vacations and holiday period by the employer to bulk of the staff and being the most suited clip to unclutter the one-year leave by twelvemonth terminal. Some other factors may be attributed to attractive travel bundles and aggressive selling for major events in the finish state.

Statement of Key jobs and Issues

Based on the statistics from STB during the earlier months of twelvemonth 2009, there were issues between viing hotel industry. Mid-Tier hotel category, hotels located in premier commercial zones or instantly outlaying countries of Singapore, had achieved the highest AOR but low ARR ……..

Economy-Tier, hotels in budget section and are by and large located in outlaying countries of Singapore, faced lowest AOR but high ARR and Revpar ……… .

Although the growing of tourer reaching improved by terminal of the twelvemonth 2009, the hotel industry remained slow in accomplishing the standard public presentation compared to old twelvemonth. There was a important addition in AOR by September 2009. However ARR/ Revpar decreased ensuing in bead of entire Hotel room gross when compared to twelvemonth 2008. This implies that touristry related sectors and concerns could non better public presentation in line with the tourer reaching as there are strong competition among the competition houses and sharing of market available at given chance.

Upscale grade, which include hotels in upscale section and are by and large in premier locations or hotels with dress shop positioning in premier or typical locations, received a lower consequence with little diminution. This shows a certain section of the industry that is non every bit sensitive as other sections.

Coevals and Evaluation of Alternative Solutions

Hotels operation could avoid important impact by practising gross management………

Media consciousness in tourer bring forthing states, …… .

Travel publicity to be marketed and enforced by oversea tourer offices under STB, peculiarly establishing publicity run for the vacation periods.

Government should put against the background of turning chances from both traditional out-bounds markets including the United States, Europe and Japan, and high growing possible markets such as China and India.

Execution of Recommendations

Should take to distinguish and market Singapore as a must see finish offering a concentration of enriching experiences. STB should transport out the actions to advance Singapore Tourism and the local tourer attractive force in order to stand out as a top finish in Asia Pacific and among the universe celebrated finish.

Tour operators, Hotel directions and Food and Beverages concern should spread out their web by associating with more mediators such as travel agents and circuit operators. With current position and strong competition among the houses, concern operators from single touristry sections should understand the mutuality between the assorted sections of touristry as in Travel, Lodging, Food service, and diversion musca volitanss. If any chance given to bind in with one another, these sections should actively originate the bundle that would profit each and every section. For illustration, a travel agent offering air ticket along with room darks of a certain hotel, which will besides have a half twenty-four hours tour at the local attractive forces to lend the local community.

It is besides of import to acknowledge the multiplier consequence in the Tourism industry where the money spent by tourers to go, to remain in a hotel or to eat in a eating house, is recycled by those concern to buy more goods thereby bring forthing further usage of the money which is favourable for the local community.

Current and future tendency of Singapore Tourism

Medical Tourism

The addition in the figure of people to seek medical intervention in Singapore has been driven chiefly by cheap travel, a rise in the figure of persons with longer life anticipations and extra income. Furthermore, twosome with expensive and long waiting periods for domestic intervention in other Asia states and the information available through media and cyberspace has boost the inbound medical touristry for Singapore.

Since October 2003, Singapore authorities had launched Singapore Medicine, a multi-government enterprise aimed at developing Singapore into one of Asia taking finishs for international patients. It targets to draw1million foreign patients to Singapore by twelvemonth 2012. In footings of gross, it sets to bring forth S $ 3 billion for the medical travel industry where the Economic Development Board ( EDB ) , Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) and International Enterprise ( IE ) Singapore are portion of this enterprise. ( STB, 2004 )

Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore GP is the major event go oning in Singapore which staged Formula 1, auto rushing get downing with the 2008 Season. Many of the F1 fans travelled to Singapore in order to take part in this major juncture, lending a important encouragement in Singapore Tourism. This sort of events has promoted the touristry of Singapore and brought in gross for other touristry related sectors such as Conveyances, Lodging and Food and Beverages.

Completion of the two Integrated Resorts

Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa, the two major undertakings had completed in 2010, lending a major addition in tourer reaching mostly from Asia parts and other Europe states. ………

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