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“Heart of Darkness,” is regarded as one of the best and by far the most talked about novels of Joseph Conrad. The novel is not only read for it s unique settings, a variety of its interesting events, symbolic implications, exploration of ancient traditions but the popularity and literary status of novel owes a great deal to its multi-dimensional themes that have the power and vigor to penetrate deep down into the human psychology. Various critics ever since the publication of the novel have tried to find the real theme of the novel and have interpreted the hidden motives of interpreted Conrad in their style.

But the most interesting comment comes from a famous and eminent Critic of the novelist. He says: “Heart of darkness” is a master-piece of abstract art by majestic painter, each time you look at it, you get a new meaning, different themes appear and reappear to the conscience, and what’s more the stream of thought continues to give food to the soul compare to an abstract meaning as every time when we read to find new meaning like abstract painting.

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There is hardly any doubt about the validity of the above statement. The real charm of the novel lies in its thematic depth. No, doubt, the novel is read about all over the world for its variety of themes; but this is also a fact that “darkness” evil nature of man is more hesitate theme prevailing in human heart is the most dominating theme of the novel, though there are other visible themes such as selfishness of modern man, inefficiency, imperialism and historical perspective.

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“Heart of Darkness” in fact dopiest the darkness of the human heart. The novelist wants to suggest the notion that all the development in the modern world and especially in Europe hasn’t been darkness is present in every man’s heart, and only in Africa able to sweep away the real darkness, ignorance, and brutality. We appear deceptively acceptable in society. The modern civilization has ju…

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Themes In Heart Of Darkness
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