"The Truman Show" and "Romeo and Juliet"

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Have you ever heard about the famous story of Romeo and Juliet? The two people who became deeply attached. The couple that ended their stories like most would never expect. The man leaving everyone behind first in expectations of meeting his love elsewhere. Romeo believed that Juliet had left him in the world he knew all along, driving him to find a way to be with his first love much like Truman. Romeo and Juliet can be compared to the movie “The Truman Show” in a way that most have never thought about.

One morning as Truman was leaving his house, an object fell from the well known ceiling Truman believed to be the sky (Weir, The Truman Show).

The world Truman knew was actually a small village set up under a well camouflaged dome. The dome consisted of painted walls that went along with the painted ceiling that played its part of being a sky in his controlled environment. Concealing Truman in a place Christof believed to be perfect.

Christof designed Seahaven to be surrounded by a body of water that played a role in the ocean. At a very young age Truman became traumatized of water due to an event Christof allowed. Christof killed Truman’s father in hopes of traumatizing Truman. It worked. Christof was a genius when it came to fighting Truman over his thoughts on leaving until one event changed Truman’s simple life he knew.

Truman was raised into a world of lies and deception.

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A world that many called perfect. Much like Romeo, Truman had his eyes set on a female that he could not quite grasp. Truman was raised with his whole life planned before him without him even knowing, unlike Romeo that decided his fate. Surprisingly enough, Both Romeo and Truman can be compared because they both followed the path they believed in to be with their first loves. With both individuals seeking a way to find to the female of their dreams, Both Romeo and Truman have people that make it hard for the couples to be together.

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"The Truman Show" and "Romeo and Juliet"
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