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Andy’s wife Linda Collins dufresne suddenly decided to Take golf lessons in 1947.At Falmouth Hill Country Club Linda took lessons for four month and her instructor was Glenn Quentin. Andy found in August 1947that Glenn and his Wife had become lovers. They argued bitterly. On September 10,1947 Linda wanted to divorce Andy.

Linda went to spend the night at Glenns. The next morning the cleaning woman found and Linda and Glenn dead in bed. They were found shot four times each Red is a guy who can get anything for you.

He came to Shawshank when he was twenty years old. He committed murder. He was young good looking and poor. He killed his wife by loosing up her brakes but he did not expect her to pick up the lady next door and her son.

He also did not expect to get caught. He is a cool person and every one is fine and okay with him. People new that they could not play around with him cause then when they needed something from the out side he would not get it because like I said he was the one who got everything.

Who Killed The Wife In Shawshank Redemption

Inciting Incident

As soon as Andy walked inside Shawshank the first people who laid eyes on him were the sister they wanted him to be his female and lose his mind hood.

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But Andy did not and he insisted but the sisters were always there to make his life miserable. At one time the sisters beat on Andy because he was not willing to give up.

On time they put him behind the laundry room and almost beat him to death. The inmates did not like Andy because when he first got there he looked as if he was the boss and he thought he was a big man but really he was not it was that trial was not fair and they had convicted of a crime he did not commit. That was most of the reasons that a lot of inmates had problems with him others just left him alone.

Rising Action

When the sisters were all up on him and making him bend down and do all the things a man needs to keep for himself. After Andy started doing the taxes for the guards the guards got respect and beat up the sisters so that they would not bother Andy any more that was the deal Andy had with the guards.

That’s how the whole deal with the guards started about Andy doing them a favor for a favor and then it got to Warden and soon Warden was taking Andy into his office and having conversations with him because he knew that he had to keep Andy on the good side because he was the one who was doing all the taxes and bills. In no time all the staff in the prison had their own time to spend time with Andy and they would get the work done well actually Andy was the one who got the work done around there.


When Andy was ready for his escape the night before he was giving out things so the inmates thought that he was going to commit suicide. Also when Warden was or actually killed Tommy for knowing what he knew about Andy and he had to keep his mouth shut and the only was Warden was going to be sure that he was not going to say anything was by killing him but he knew that Tommy had already told Andy and the rest of the guys Andy hangs around with. Most of the stories and specially the climax were with the sisters

When he got out all the things for the library and people were coming to Andy so that could learn and Andy was willing to help. When Tommy got involved and told Andy what he knew the truth that Andy had known since the moment the jury said guilty he knew that he was innocent and that was what Tommy told him. Now there was another person who knew that he was innocent. And was willing to speak out.

Falling Action

When Brook committed suicide and had no reason to live so he hung himself in an old room that parole had given him but Brook was locked up for so many years that every thing was new to him and he was scared and thought that he had no right to be there. Andy had told Red about Zinhuatahejo and Red started believing and said that he was going to be there t one day when he was a free man.

When the jury or the people who decide to give Red his parole because now he had no reason to be in Shawshank anymore Andy escaped and Red has parole. Red is out left parole and is searching for Andy was lying about zinhuatejona the days it took him. But finally he found the letter. Andy had left him with one hundred dollars and now it was deciding whether to go or not, should he believe or is Andy is still playing with head. He takes the chance to find out if its true or not.


Andy came to Shawshank when he was thirty year of age; he was a short neat little man. His hair was sandy and small cleaver hand. Andy wore gold-rimmed spectacles; his fingernails were always clipped and always clean also very conservative guy.

Hadley was a big guy; he was the one that would kill you with his eyes. No one messed with him, because he was big and tough and also very quiet.


Andy is a shy and patient guy, keeping all his stuff to himself. He is not very trustworthy towards nobody and lives in his own world. When he is around people, tend to observe their action and their personalities.

The opposite of Andy would be Red a humorous guy with the ability to make anyone laugh. Red is also similar to Andy, he keep this stuff to himself. They are somewhat compatible to each other.


When Andy was a free man, he was a vice president in the Trust department in a bank. Andy loved numbers and could figure out most equations. He had very little family it was just his wife Linda and him. He had a normal life until that day. The day Linda started an affair with Glen and wanted a divorce. Andy had very little friends; some that worked in the bank and a special friend that was helping him while he was in jail find a new identity and money.

Red doesn’t really say much about himself; all we know is that he came to Shawshank when he was twenty years old. Red was living with his wife he had no children. Red might have been tired of his wife and killed her. He got convicted of murdering his wife, next-door neighbor and her son.


When Andy was working in the bank, ha had high-class friends. He lost all those so-called friends when they found out what he had done. They just abandoned him like if they did not even care. His relationship with his wife at the beginning was normal but as time passed she got tired of him and started an affair with Glen


Andy love to sculpture rocks and decorate his window in his cell room. Andy always found something to do to keep his mind busy. Also he was very cleaver, he knew that escaping would take years to accomplish. Meanwhile Andy created a library also found ways to get money to create the library with donating and worked at the library. Andy also taught the prisoners how to read and write. He even helps a young man get his G.E D.

Red really did not have any dreams beside being a free man Red would get anything that the inmates wanted which include posters, drugs and tobacco. Red realized that Andy was very cleaver when he found out that Andy had escaped from prison with just a little hammer.


Andy had many conflict in the story first he was sentenced to prison for a crime he did not commit. Second he had problems with the Sister because they wanted to abuse him sexually and he never let them. They beat him up and that make Andy very miserable. Another problem that faces was when he found enough prove to clain his freedom and the warden did not even let him have a second trial the wanted to keep Andy in prison for his personal use.

Tommy had many conflicts also he knew that Andy was not the killer, because he also knew who the killer really was and no one believed him. Another conflict arose when the warden found out that Tommy knew who was the real killer and plot a escape to kill him. Which at the end Tommy dies and with him the real killer identity.


Andy came in alone and was alone for a while until he started gaining respect and soon became a well respected manthat everyone turned to. When he escaped no one could belive it because he was really well educated and no one thought he would do such a thing. Andy soon was know at the prison and cool with most people. Not like at the beginning when he was a loner now he was the center of attraction.

Red was really the same throught the story and was that he was a really patient and a serious type of guy when he started telling us about him he was already the man that could get anything but I belive that that was not the way when he first came into the prison. At the end when he got the letter he was still the same old Red.

Person versus society

Again it is all about society and the way people treated him. One example was when he was convicted people said that he was guilty because he did not make a big scean and he took it like a man so that’s why people said that he was guilty but he wasn’t .

Another one was that there was the conflict with the inmates at first that they didn’t like Andy so they made his life imposible the first couple of months. One main thing was with the sisters about his man hood even though that was a storgle those were some of the really main conflicts with society.

Person VS Person

Warden was the one who was making Andy’s life miserable at the end and new the truth. But still didn’t want to let him go and fought till the end. Warden made any do all the work and that was why Warden didn’t wan to let him go because he knew that if he was to let Andy go he was going to lose a lot of money and that was one thing he was not willing to lose.

The sisters wanted to get Andy and make him their female and like I said it was a very difficult situation for Andy but still it was a struggle and it was a really bad conflict person versus person sort of situation but at the end Andy got them back for all the beatings that he got from the sisters.

Andy never gave up in searching for his freedom and fighting what ever was going to be a startle for him. He honored a new friend ship that was red some one that was helping him through out ten years of his life. He really trusted Red in every way that you can possibly imagine .Red also trusted him even though Andy always beat around the bush when it came to saying things you sort of had to guess what he was trying to say.

Red was patient because after thirty years they the people who wok at the prison finally gave him his parole. Still they thought he was not rehabilitated. He learned how to survive by being the man and by being the guy who could get anything, and making side money for himself.

The main point of the story is that even though Andy was a really quiet guy he was always doing some thing that no one knew and that was planning his escape. After ten years of pain and suffering he finally does it and does every thing he said he was going to do which was own his own business and be rich wit his good friend by his side which was Red.

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