The Rise And Fall Of Kingfisher Airlines Tourism Essay

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Kingfisher is a major air hose based in Mumbai, India. It is the 5th Indias air hoses that provide largest rider air hose in which international and domestic flights are provided to the clients with really flexible menus. Kingfisher is one of the largest air hoses in India and it was established in 2003. It is owned by the Bengaluru based United Breweries Group. Basically the commercial operations are started in 9 may 2005 with the fleet of four new Airbus A320-200s Operating flight from Mumbai to Delhi.

Then the following international operations are started on 3 September 2008 by linking from Bengaluru to London.

The Kingfisher air hose has been confronting fiscal issues for many old ages. Kingfisher air hoses have the 2nd largest portion in the air travel market till December 2011. However due to the acerb fiscal crisis faced by the Kingfishers air hose, it has now the 5th largest market portion presently and merely above Go Air Airlines.

Kingfisher Airlines is one of the lone seven air hoses that are awarded 5-star evaluation by Skytrax along with Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Asiana Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Hainan Airlines.

Kingfisher operates 250 day-to-day flights including domestic and international services. Kingfisher Airlines carry more than 1 million riders which help the Kingfishers Airlines to do the highest market portion among all other air hoses in India in May 2009. Kingfisher besides holds the Skytrax award for one of the India ‘s best air hose of the twelvemonth 2011.

Background: Main Issue of the Ruin of the Kingfisher Airline

All things are traveling in a really good mode and kingfisher is at its extremum but in 2005 the air hose faced many jobs in the operations, the Airlines so reported as in loss.

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But the state of affairs become worst when the new air hoses called Air Deccan is adopted by the Kingfisher air hose in 2007.

Due the coaction with the new air hose the Kingfisher suffered a loss of over Rs. 1,000 Crore continuously for 3 old ages. In the Starting of 2012, the staff of Kingfisher air hose is traveling on work stoppages and it besides faced a really large loss of over Rs. 7,000 Crore with half of the money is bankrupted. In this tough state of affairs the faces chiefly faced fiscal job and to get the better of the state of affairs the air hose went for loans, so that they can cover it. But the heavy involvement and debt, in November 2010, the company adopted a manner to diminish the load the air hose adopted debt restructuring on those entire 18 taking loaners, those have landed entire Rs. 8,000 crores, they agree to cut the involvement the rates and convert portion of loan into equity. As per the contract the loaners have to change over the debt into portions which is converted into equity. Due to this company able to cut down the mean involvement to 11 % and salvage Rs. 500 Crore every twelvemonth in the involvement cost.

The usage of the scheme Debt restructuring besides did n’t assist the air hose a batch ; no uncertainty by utilizing this it reduced the involvement charges by Rs. 500 crores every twelvemonth, but due to the high addition in cost and many other factors the company started faced jobs of liquidness. Due to no financess available the company besides faced these types of jobs like delayed wage there are over 6,000 workers which are working in the company and after the fiscal crisis company have delayed wages of the staff that will impact the workers a batch because they are working like the same and we can state they are working more than normal but these type of jobs decrease the workers morale and dissatisfaction factor besides arises. Due to the non-availability of the financess they are besides many things that will consequence like due fuel, Service revenue enhancement, Air craft rental rental due and many more.

Current Situation: Problem Still Continues

Kingfisher air hoses started to project down into fresh crisis. Many flights are cancelled and many aircrafts are grounded. The company shut down many of import international operations and closed the engagement of the tickets. Kingfishers have many aircraft and merely few were runing and soon really less aeroplanes are runing and this dropped extremely in market portion. Main taking State bank of India besides non giving more loans to the company unless they pay the old sum. Now a twenty-four hours it is really difficult state of affairs for kingfisher air hoses in recent months.

The service of air hose provided by Vijay Mallya is non glamourous as it was old times because many flights are cancelled when clients are waiting to going and this will undervalue a batch to client. The direction is chief issue here in the Kingfisher air hoses they need some expert CEO ‘s that aid to look into the activities every twenty-four hours but Vijay Mallya is the lone 1 that control the whole company this may be the biggest cause of ruin of the kingfisher air hoses. In large organisations tonss of treatment and suggestions are needed that aid to do any determination easy.

This causes which disturbs the relation between the employees and Vijay Mallya because there must be some clip given to each and every employee so that they feel motivated and experience their suggestions or any demand of aid are given by the company, this help them to remain satisfied and they work with their full attempt. Vijay Mallya ever kept stating that the ground behind ruin of company is that the lifting fuel pricing and other factors contributed the ruin of the company. But there are other factors besides.

Some Other Grounds that Besides Contribute to the Ruin of the Kingfisher Air Hose


Now a yearss going by plane is non a large issue because there are batch of air hoses from which we can choose any one harmonizing to our fiscal position. Every flight has its ain manner of handling riders because in today ‘s universe traveling one topographic point to another is non a large trade all affairs how was our journey what are the experience and how comfy are you in the whole journey.

As being a 5 star air hose they provide good service to the riders but the monetary values are besides really high merely the high profile or above the economic degree people adopt Kingfisher air hose. Due to the epicurean degree of intervention they are willing to pay more than other air hoses charge. But they have to be economical so every economic individual can besides hold the experience this type of epicurean intervention this besides help them to garner more and more clients.


In today ‘s universe engineering plays a great function in any type of the company. Kingfisher air hoses do n’t supply a Television screen on the dorsum of the place, so that every rider has its ain personal Television. Now people use engineering they want to make the whole work with the aid of cyberspace and make all the work while sitting in their place. This besides attracts clients to make all the booking while loosen uping in their place and they do n’t necessitate to stand in the long waiting lines on the ticket counters.


Now a yearss economic issues is a major concern because people are now look into non merely the epicurean intervention they besides check whether it is deserving traveling or non. There a batch of bank recognition options that are available in the instance of going this are besides the ground that affects the gross revenues of the air power industries.

In India there are batch of factors that affect the administration like the rising prices, involvement rates and recession. There are authorities policies that consequence the administration a batch. There are lot things which have to see while be aftering the economic factors because that depend a batch on the success of the administration.


Nature besides consequence the air power industry a batch because the clime affects a batch on the air power industry conditions should be stable in the clip of the flights because if the clime is non good they are delayed and this disturb the clients a batch.

Passengers who pay so many sums to acquire good service and comfy journey in between if something go on this disturbs a batch. If something happen like hold in the flights air hose have to supply installation and adjustment for the clients this costs a batch to the air hoses but they have to make for the riders to quiet them down and this help them to understand the job and they do n’t take any opportunities to lose the clients because if the client have any bad experience they might non travel following clip with the same flight because they are many others options available to them. In India conditions is stable for most of the clip and riders are non use to these type of state of affairs so aviation industry must be prepared if any thing happens.


In India in every 5 old ages authorities alterations and besides it is a democratic state. Kingfishers have great benefit of this because the proprietor of kingfisher Vijay Mallya have good political web which helps to their air hose. No uncertainty, the political web is great but this non ever assist because all have to follow the authorities policies and regulations.


Rising Fuel pricing is besides the chief issue in India. The air power industries have to pay big sum of money for fuel. To get the better of this job air power industry addition of lessening the degree of services to the riders which help them to cover it up.


American indians are really ethical people they ever think before purchasing anything they ever check which thing is good for them and besides gives some benefits to them. Like in India there a batch stationary merchandises which are collaborated with some non-profit institute or any other institute which gives some sum when person purchase it, bulk of people willing to purchase that merchandise because they help the destitute people. In past Kingfisher gives value for the money that is why people are willing to give more money after all kingfisher air hose is the 5 star rated air hoses.


No uncertainty kingfisher air hoses are one of the successful air hoses in India. But there are batch pros and cons at that place which lead them to downfall of the successful air hose.


  • Kingfisher is one of the epicurean flights in India.
  • Kingfisher is a well-known trade name and the fiscal position of the organisation is really good.
  • The connexions between the political and the proprietor of the Kingfisher air hoses are really strong.
  • Kingfisher has a strong relationship with parent United Breweries Group which supports them a batch.
  • The client service is really healthy. Kingfisher supply really epicurean journey to the riders.
  • The staff is extremely trained and really professional with clients.


The direction patterns are really hapless and the organisation construction is non formed decently.

Kingfisher air hose is non bring forthing the expected returns from they are passing.

Gross saless are acquiring lower and lower due to cancellation and delayed flights which clients do n’t wish it.

Due to the 5 star trade name of the company it is passing more than usually which is really difficult to retrieve the money.

Thingss Need Some Alterations

There are tonss of things which are needed to be alteration which help the kingfisher air hoses to retrieve. Aviation industry is now yearss are really popular and competition is acquiring tough and tough. To successfully run the air power industry there are many things which have to maintain in the head while successfully run the concern. In Kingfisher merely the proprietor Vijay Mallya is holding the direct control on the concern and due this there is jobs occur.

In kingfisher there is immense web and there are many employee plants at that place and to fulfill the demands of the employee merely one individual can non maintain it. There must be some professionally and to the full trained CEO must be hired to command whatever is the state of affairs. Vijay Mallya besides taken incorrect measure while cutting the wage of the employees and even the wages are delayed for many months and harmonizing to the Herzberg ‘s Motivator-Hygiene Model the clients are Dissatisfied because they are non acquiring the wage on clip.

In the recession period of Kingfisher air hoses they besides misbehaved with some clients due to the defeat and this will lose their clients. In this period the Kingfisher air hoses introduced a new air hose called Kingfisher red to cover some disbursals because it is relatively low cost.

Once there is an incident occurs riders booked the ticket for Kingfisher Airlines and when they come to the flight the realize that this is non Kingfisher fisher this is Kingfisher ruddy and when the rider asked for that so they asked that there is proficient issue in the web site it was non separating the two air hoses otherwise but this is non a valid ground because as I said earlier that the engineering plays a great function in today ‘s universe people are now yearss really techno used and they know which flight they are booking. The chief inquiry is that why the kingfisher is running a inexpensive air hose after all Kingfisher is one of the top trade name 5 star air hose this reduces the repute of the air hose and besides misconducting with clients besides give incorrect impact on them so to manage this Kingfisher air hoses must be hold some agreement to manage this type of material. To make so see staff is required and if any struggles occur so manage them with attention so that no rider acquire disquieted and experience colored everyone should be treated same.

Competition besides have a major issue because while viing with other Aviation air hoses they have to see so many expects that will impact the Kingfisher air hoses because other air hoses provide more installation and at that place low cost of the menu attracts the clients, But Kingfisher Airlines have to make some schemes so that they can maintain their clients. Competition is non merely with Aviation industry in India bulk of people will travel for the low cost bearers in India. Railwaies are besides rivals because now Indian Railwaies are safe manner to go and they cost really less as compared to air hose. So to be after harmonizing to the budget of the air hoses and every bit economical to the people, trained CEO ‘s are required to make the occupation done good.

Owner of Kingfisher air hoses Vijay Mallya besides done one more thing that they merely targeted the riders that are willing to pay more than normal. They merely need epicurean intervention, this is a good but in the clip period of 2005 to 2008 is really easy earned money period for Kingfisher and Vijay Mallya besides make so much net income so he invested money on others topographic points like Cricket, Alcohol and many more. Due to the easy money Mallya expanded a batch their imperium that is really hard to manage and this is one of the ground which makes the Kingfisher into problem.

Kingfisher Airlines Have to take Following Measure to do Things Good

With batch of addition in loss of Kingfisher air hoses and delinquent of revenue enhancement, fuel providers and airdromes and merely few of the flights are working. If they want to once more successfully run the concern so boosters need to put some money foremost so the Kingfisher air hoses foremost clear the due of fuel and overdue of the revenue enhancement with this money and so they should step up the ladder of success.

The morale of the employees should be considered foremost because they are the really of import to the Kingfisher air hose particularly the staff and pilots they should ne’er be dissatisfied. So Kingfisher air hoses should must unclutter all the due of the wage of the employees because due to unpaid they have to endure and their households besides suffer with them. They ca n’t afford to lose quality pilots and if this will go on it may be go on that the works should close down in future.

Aircrafts used in the Kingfishers used now is really less and due to the misdirection of the staff and between the proprietor leads them to failure because as I discussed earlier Mallya ever have the direct control of the concern and may be some factors that are left which are non considered by Mallya that affects a batch to the Organization. The perceptual experience of the Owner may be someway incorrect that is why the organisation construction should be clear and should be made by assorted gifted heads that help to success of the air hoses.


Kingfisher is one of the taking and successful air hoses in India. The ground behind the ruin of the air hose is mentioned above and there are many other factors which besides the ground behind the ruin of the Kingfisher air hose. The organisational construction is chiefly the major concern in the Kingfisher air hoses. In get downing the kingfisher is at its extremum at that clip period is the best clip to spread out the concern but due to the immense benefits the staff and pilots and the disbursals is besides become more and more and to successfully pull off it many talented individual are required, no uncertainty they have experienced staff and epicurean intervention they give to the riders but to form the whole staff and the air hose merely Vijay Mallya is holding the direct control on it and this occurs misinterpretation.

When the concern is holding great net income so we must hold to more qui vives because when this happen the other rivals ever seek to acquire problem so we ca n’t do net incomes. Like the other rivals of kingfisher is giving more installation and the cost of other air hoses are besides less than it is hard to pull off for Kingfisher air hoses because they are the really epicurean and the cost of the flights are besides high because due to the trade name name they have to handle the riders like they are treated antecedently and this is really hard to manage but this can be handled by professionals so that the riders non experience and alter but this scheme gives benefits to the air hose and assorted schemes are required to make it. Some of them are mentioned above but the organisation behaviour plays a great function to pull off the people in the organisation. This helps the staff and employee and higher position individuals and proprietor to successfully run the concern and keep a healthy relation between them.

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