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Sergey Kapitsa Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “The predictions of the future – the shocking truth from Sergey Lukyanenko, Vladimir Levi, Sergey Kapitsa”

Shocking truth from anybody and about anything else is usually a dirty jaundice, categorically do not want to mess with her. But when asked about the future of the opinion, for example, Kapitsa, I am led. And in the case of this book, I do not know nothing or nothing

Someone Dmitry Aksenov, a journalist, has collected under one cover interviews with a number of specialists from different areas -. Mainly scientists (well, Lukyanenko, yeah) – and asked them, what they think about this, the human, the future. On arrival to the past and present. No one is going to claim to be the truth, consider the problem from different angles, figuring out opposing points of view, and even more so to create a more or less complete picture of life in n years, so the book – rather a collection of opinions on the most pressing issues: oil, demography, geopolitics, global . warming

Vladimir Levi

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It is perhaps convenient to read from the interest – if it is not clear where the legs grow from the frightening news and predictions in the noisy media; it is possible to learn the names of the scientists involved certain problems – if you want to look into them more deeply; Finally, along the way to learn something new. However, if there’s something about these topics I have already read, even minor scientific and popular articles are unlikely to “Prophecy” seem interesting – knowledge to the novice. But this, in my opinion, and the main advantage: you never know where to begin, all that smart, and popular book then and there, because from a scientific (or even non-fiction) point of view, this level of primitive material. And connected with this, and the lack of the book: apparently for beginners beginners write me all the time, it seemed that the author is very young and Neum. Because inappropriate slang and inappropriate because the insertion of memories of childhood morality.

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