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This Essay will discourse the usage of symbols in the novel The Pearl by John Steinbeck. In this novel there are many subjects explored. These include the destructiveness of greed. how love can give person great bravery and strength. cognition is power. but a power which can be abused.

and how a dream is good until it starts to destruct the things of value in a person’s life. The destructiveness of greed is shown when the physician comes to Kino’s house and heals Coyotito after Kino has found The Pearl.

When Coyotito had been bitten by the Scorpio. his male parent and female parent take Kino to the physician in order to acquire a intervention. But the physician refuses to mend Coyotito because Kino is hapless.

Subsequently On. after Kino owns the pearl. the physician automatically comes to Kino’s house and offers a “treatment” for Coyotito. After he “treats” Coyotito. he pretends that he does non cognize that Kino has found a pearl and asks Kino about the medical disbursals. “You have a pearl? A good pearl? The physician asks with wonder.

The Pearl Sample Essays

The world is that the physician cares more about Kino’s pearl more than giving people interventions. The physician does this because he values mercenary things more than he cares about others.

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Although the physician has a batch of money and he has an copiousness of everything he needs and wants in his life. he still wants more and his is dissatisfied. Obviously. the greed had already controlled the doctor’s head and the manner he acts towards people. Another illustration of the destructiveness of greed is seen in Kino As Kino tried to happen a manner to derive wealth and position through the pearl.

During this. Kino transforms from a happy. comfy male parent to an unhappy felon. In this speedy passage Kino displays the manner the aspiration of success and greed can destruct artlessness. Kino’s desire to derive wealth alterations the manner we see the pearl. When we foremost visualise the pearl we see it as a natural beauty and good fortune. As the narrative continues we start seeing it as a symbol of human devastation. Therefore. Kino’s greed leads him to act violently towards his married woman and it besides leads to his son’s decease.

During his mission he loses sight of his cultural traditions and his society. His dreams start to destruct him. This leads the subject of how a dream is good. until it begins to destruct the things of value in a person’s life. Because Kino believes The Pearl will assist him accomplish all the dreams he has in shop for his boy Coyotito Kino does non desire to give up the pearl. Juana. who is smart plenty to calculate out that the pearl is traveling to do problem. asks Kino to throw the pearl off multiple times. And even attempts to acquire rid of it herself. Juana says. “This pearl is evil.

This pearl is like a wickedness. It will destruct us all! ” Even though Juana warns Kino that the pearl will convey great bad lucks to the household and asks him to throw the pearl off. Kino decides non to listen or take the advice his married woman is giving because Kino’s head is already overtaken by his dreams he wishes of accomplishing with The Pearl. He is blinded by the dream of: “Juana and Coyotito and himself standing and kneeling at the high alter in the new white apparels keeping a Winchester carbine and ‘’Coyotito sitting at a small desk in a school” .

It is now clear to us that he is easy get downing to go greedy and that his selfish ideas are all of a sudden get downing to command his actions and what he says. After Kino has found “the pearl of the world” . everyone is eager to have it and they all begin to get down thought of their ain dreams and what they can accomplish if they had a pearl like Kino’s. “Every adult male all of a sudden becomes related to Kino. and Kino’s pearl [ goes ] into the dreams. the schemes… man’s enemy” . And so. the storyteller says. “For it is said worlds are ne’er satisfied. that you give them one thing and they want something more” .

In the scene where people try to steal Kino’s pearl after the pearl is found. they do whatever they can perchance make in order to steal the pearl. Jealousy has grown in the bosom of these people and green-eyed monster has turned them into greedy. selfish people. But in the terminal Kino was merely seeking to assist his household. This relates to the subject of how love can give person great bravery and strength. Kino loves Juana and Coyotito and he wishes to supply them a epicurean and comfy life manner. Through Juana’s character we can see the she was chosen to be shown as an “iron lady” figure.

Bing a nice married woman and the adult female behind his adult male. Juana chose to stay quiet on their long mission. She portions the joy and sorrow with Kino and Coyotito. When Kino acts offensively towards her. she softly bears the emotional and physical hurting she’s being put through. She pledges her trueness and fidelity to Kino and her boy Coyotito. Her love for Coyotito gave her bravery to suck out the venom from her boies shoulder when he was bitten by the Scorpio. When Kino is ready to put off to the ocean. Juana insists in following him because she wants to fix cataplasm. The traditional remedy made of seaweeds.

Compared to Kino. her thought of household love is far safer than Kino’s thoughts of household values. But Kino’s deficiency of cognition Michigans him from being able to supply a epicurean life style for his household. This is linked to the subject of how cognition is power. Kino believed that if he could afford to give Coyotito an instruction. Coyotito would travel up in societal position and he and Juana’s lives would hold improved besides. “And my boy will do Numberss and these things will do us free because he will know-he will cognize and through him we will cognize. ” Because of his simple life style and their lower societal position in life Kino felt powerless against the physician.

Because of his position Kino could non oppugn the doctor’s processs or his motivations. “Kino felt the fury and hatred thaw towards fright. He did non cognize. and possibly this physician did. And he could non take the opportunity of opposing his certain ignorance against this man’s possible cognition. ” Kino knew that if he had a higher societal position he wouldn’t have been manipulated. In decision there are many symbols in this novel. The symbols are shown through the usage of different subjects. The symbols help us to recognize the chief thought of this novel ; that mercenary things can alter a civilised adult male.

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