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The Shake and Sashimi relationship with their parents was attached to Indian culture. Parents are who decide the by choosing who they marry this was a decision it determined their fate and character as parents. When Googol is a small child the relationship with his parents is completely normal. Over the years the relationship becomes a bit more complicated.

Googol is like any boy his age stubborn obstinate and rebellious. This behavior is strange to Shake because in their culture the behavior of young men as Googol was different. Shake tries to educate his son as he was educated but definitely our method does not work.

Lair wrote. “That night at the dinner table, he brought it up with his parents. It was one thing for Googol to be the name penned in calligraphy on his high school diploma, and printed below his picture in the yearbook, he’d begun.

It was one thing, even, for it to be typed on his applications to five Ivy League colleges, as well as to Stanford and Berkeley. But engraved, four years from now, on a bachelor of arts degree? Written at the top of a rsum? Centered on a business card? It would be the name his parents picked out for him, he assured them, the good name they’d chosen for him when he was five.

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(99) Googol wants to change his name. His father is disappointed but decides to let him do what he wants to. Sashimi and Shake believed in a sense of family independence. But this idea of independence Sashimi and Shake had about his family not been applied to their about children and begin to experience what their parents felt years ago. Them have contrary feelings about this family independence. “What’s done is done,” his father had said. “it will be a hassle. Googol has, in effect, become your good name. ” “It’s too complicate owe,” his mother said, agreeing. “You’re too Old. “I’m not,” he persisted. Don’t get it. Why did you have to give me a pet name in the first place? Wall- the point? ” “It’s our way, Googol,” his mother maintained. “It’s what Bengal do. ” “But it’s not even a Bengali name. ” He told his parents what he’d learned in Mr.. Lagoon’s class, about Googol’! Lifelong unhappiness, his mental instability, about how he’d starved himself death. “Did you know all this stuff about him? ” he asked. “You forgot to mention that he was also a genius,” his father said. “l don’t get it. How cot you guys name me after someone so strange? No one takes me seriously, Googol said. Who? Who does not take you seriously? ” his father wanted etc know, lifting his fingers from his plate, looking up at him. “Then change it, father said simply, quietly, after a while. “Really? ” “in America anything is possible. Do as you wish. ” (99-100) The relationship between Shake and Googol was like the typical relational between a tough father and a shy son. Parents who want to raise their chi based on their own life experience. Maybe his intension was to teach Go lesson. But Googol had a mix of cultures to handle. These determine the relationship between they.

Thesis Statement The Namesake

When Googol decides introduce Maxine to his family. The Story takes a determinate change. Shake tells the Story of his accident years ago. The reason that he decided to put the name Googol. “l want to tell you something,” his father says when the piece ends, once tm have already turned onto Phenomenon Road. “What? ” Googol asks. “It’s about your name. ” Googol looks at his father, puzzled. “My name? ” His father shuts off the radio. “Googol. ” These days he is called Googol so seldom that the sound of it no longer up: him as it used to. After three years of being Nikkei the vast majority of the mime, he no longer minds. There is a reason for it, you know,” his father continues. “Right, ABA. Gogol’s your favorite author. I know. ” “No,” his father says. He pulls into the driveway and switches off the engine then the headlights. He undoes his seat belt, guiding it with his hand as it retracts, back behind his left shoulder. “Another reason. ” (122-123) Googol question if Shake remember that terrible day with his name. Cash replied something beautiful I remember everything that followed that c Every day after the accident were a gift Googol does not understand the message of his father years later would.

Why don’t I know this about y Googol says. His voice sounds harsh, accusing but his eyes well with tears. “Why haven’t you told me this until now? ” “It never felt like the right time,” his father says. “But it’s like you’ve lied to me all these years. ” When his father doesn’t respond, he adds, “That’s why you have that limp, isn’t it? ” “It happened so long ago. I didn’t want to upset you. ” “It doesn’t matter. You should have told me. ” “Perhaps,” his father concedes, glancing briefly in Gogol’s direction. He removes the keys from the ignition. “Come, you must be hungry.

The car is tenting cold. ” But Googol doesn’t move. He sits there, still struggling to absorb the information, feeling awkward, oddly ashamed, at fault. “I’m sorry, ABA. (123-124) The death of a parent to child is a difficult experience. Googol experiences an avalanche of emotions. Regret mostly because the relationship with his faith was not always the best. “His glasses are missing” Googol says, looking up at Mr.. Davenport. Mr.. Davenport does not reply. After a few minutes he says, “Mr.. Gauguin, are you able to positively identify the body? Is this your father? ‘ “Yes, that’s him,” (172)

Googol begins to experience feelings of guilt after the death of his father. He faces the death of his father in a thoughtful way. Begins to consider that could have been more patient with his father because he always acted impatient with him. This happens when he can understand the story his father had told him about his name. The day his father had told him about the accident. The real reason his name was Googol… Googol cannot be a beautiful name but the fact that Shake remember every wonderful omen after rebirth past that accident make happen that Googol was a beautiful name. Googol is maturing over time.

And he realizes putting on the shoes of their parents that coming to America was a tough decision. However, his parents had the courage to come alone and be away from his family. And he believes that could not stay as far away from his family. This is a very important moment in the life of Googol. Finally understand all the effort mad for his parents. Just to give better life than they had. There he realizes that hi father’s teachings about the relationship with their parents were not accidental. He discovers that his father had felt the same way years ago with the death of his grandparents in Calcutta.

The relationship between Googol and Sashimi is deeper after Shake dies. Googol tells his mother of his imminent separation of Museums. His felling of freedom and the reconnection that he felt with his father after find that famous book he had given and reed in front page. Lair wrote ” And then another book, never read, long forgotten, catches his eye. The jacket is missing, the title on the spine practically faded. It’s a thick clothbound volume topped with decades- old dust. The ivory pages are heavy, slightly sour, silken to the touch. The spine cracks faintly when he opens it to the title page.

The Short Stories of Nikolas Googol. “For Googol Gauguin,” it says on the front endpapers in his fathers tranquil hand, in red ballpoint ink, the letters rising gradually, optimistically, on the diagonal toward the upper right-hand corner of the page. “The man who gave you his name, from the man who gave you your name” is written within quotation marks. ” (288) The relationship between parents and children is not always the easiest thing to handle. But this novel gives us a clear example that the intentions of parents to educate are always the best. Parents, like the Gauguin always try to vie us the best.

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