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The first two novels of the novel “Four Past Midnight”.

The Langoliers

Once upon a time, 100 (actually about 10) years ago, watched the show on this product. The plot is wonderful. But after reading some not very long books King, I have a feeling that one could make a huge affair (or series).

The plot of my little recalled the “Sphere” by Michael Crichton, in which the ship (submarine in the form of a sphere) makes crew fears into reality.

I thought that some of the passengers fell into the world of fears Toomey Craig, the greater will be its beat and torture, the worse will be the world that because of this blind girl asking not to offend Mr. Tumi: with his death occupants or automatically return to reality or get stuck forever in a strange world. And it turns out it’s just a journey through time (did not expect such a topic from the King, but like the original interpretation) and by Craig Toomey does not depend on anything, and the girl he has saved, then to sacrifice for the good of the other passengers.

Then it is not very clear why invented by his father became head Langoliers bolyu for any innocent passengers in the usual hole in time. And I was waiting for something more from the gentleman in the white heat, I thought just about turns out that all this is the product of his “white” hallucinations, and he was an ordinary passive drunkard it from the books in general could be removed (if his eternal snoring Bob is not suggested that they, too, would be worth a little nap as long as they pass through a hole in time).

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The book is certainly interesting and exciting, but in my opinion not very organic, logic is not so obvious, sometimes you have to turn a blind eye to the not very nimble deduction and logical isolation

Langoliers Book

The moral. We must remember that necessarily meet on langolerov way to understand the value of each day we live. No need to be a prototype Craig Toomey, because you’ll stay forever behind with their fears and problems.

Secret Window, Secret Garden

A great product! As there are no horrible creatures, langolerov, Polaroid dogs, etc. But I do not say that it is because of their lack of “Secret Window, Secret Garden” better than other stories in the novel “Four Past Midnight”. It is sharply different from them. After all, at first it seems that there is no fiction! But then …

After reading this story, we can say with certainty that the King – a talented writer. Tale – amazing. The best in it is that the story is all on one note, captures the hero’s inner world, introspection, the plot is also very interesting (but I think not all … unfortunately).

The film is good only special mood, but spoiled the ending makes it worse. However, what to expect from the film? I do believe that for such a story (in which there is practically no effect) to put the film impossible. It turns out that it is possible, but difficult, that the creators nedotyanul and lubricate the end of the same.

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