Navigation Dilemma

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Day 126 We’ve been at the salty sea for 18 weeks and we still haven’t reached land. What to do? My whole crew is ready to turn around but I refuse to turn around without finding what I set out looking for. Day 128 CAN YOU BELIEVE IT.! We survived the horrible attack from the kraken. . . It started out when I was writing in my journal, when I looked out my window to find a humongous eye the size of 3 dinner plates.

I jumped in my britches and ran to the deck. It was pouring down rain and the sky was pitch black with thundering clouds forming all around us.

I tried to pull in the sail before STRIKE! The lightning hit the mass and off it went to sea. I turned around and my crew was running and screaming like chickens with their heads cut off. I yelled and yelled and yelled but they didn’t seem to listen until 8, giant, red arms came swinging at the boat.

Luckily they missed. I turned on the motors of the boat hoping we could get out of the krakens clutch. He had us surrounded! Everyone went to their battle stations. Men were shooting guns, throwing harpoons, and blasting canons.

The kraken was furious! Out of no where the boat started to rise, and next thing you know we slid back in the water to find the giant head directly above us. The eyes were staring at us in the face, its arms grabbed a hold of the boat, and we had no more weapons to fire.

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We thought we were for sure dead when STRIKE! The lightning had saved us. The kraken slowly floated to the bottom of the ocean as we celebrated in drinking a nice, cold beer. Now were just slowly sailing the ocean, with no sail, hoping to find land, and get there soon.

Story Of Kraken

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Navigation Dilemma
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