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The Japanese Katana and The Espada Ropera Essay

There have been many legends about the Japanese sword known as a Katana. This sword is considered to be the best made, the best in combat and the best sword for anyone to wield in the field of battle. Although I agree that this sword is quite legendary and amazing, I have found another sword that in comparison is an even more superior weapon. This sword is known as the Espada Ropera (Spanish rapier) and was used in the 1600s, during the same period as its competitor the Katana. The reasons why the Espada Ropera is superior to the katana is that it has better craftsmanship, more combat advantages and more availability to the common soldier so that he may wield it on the battlefield without the problem of paying a large sum.

Swords do not become legends from their service, but rather from their creation, for blades such as the Espada Ropera and the Katana were both works of art and expert craftsmanship. The Katana was forged by using high-grade steel in a blast furnace which was then folded onto one edge over and over again to make it as sharp as possible while the other edge was layered with cobalt so that it would not rust since it was not to be used in combat.

The Katana also had a curved blade so that it could be faster in combat and on the draw out of the scabbard. Lastly, the Katana itself with the blade and all weighed at about 2.86 pounds. Although this may sound like the superior blade, it is not the case. The Espada Ropera was forged with high-grade steel, which was then heated and pounded into a thin double-edged blade as sharp as a shaving razor. The blade itself was long and straight and had a bit of flex so that it could slightly bend with the strike, causing it to have an even more deadly strike. Also, the entire sword only weighed 2. 2 pounds which is, although not by much, is lighter than the Katana giving it a slight edge in speed.

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It is said that the Katana’s greatest combat advantage is that the curve in the blad…

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