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The Introduction of Arjun Mehta Paper

Arjun Mehta is introduced in the story as a nervous man; the writer has done this to show that he is an outcast from the rest of his surroundings. The writer uses juxtaposition to portray the differences between Arjun and the people surrounding him. Arjun is described to be confused “he was visible from a distance, a skinny flagpole of a boy…an expression of mild confusion.” From this we see that Arjun is new to his surroundings and we are represented with his contrast of characteristics when the writer describes his surroundings personalities. The use of the quote “elbowed past beggars” shows the contrast of personalities between Arjun and others, the use of this is to show his vulnerability which portrays his character to be new to his surroundings. The reader is also aware that Arjun’s status is seen as minor as he is described as “a skinny flagpole of a boy” this quote shows that he hasn’t much respect because of the word “a.” This quote implies that he isn’t regarded as an individual but just another person, which lowers his status.

The writer uses exposition with the use of juxtaposition. We are placed in a busy street where people are rushing around, however, Arjun Mehta is portrayed to be the opposite if the atmosphere used. He is seen as worried, nervous and scared. “The face fluttering on top wore an expression…” The writer uses personification, he does this to show how Arjun is trying to hide his emotions by using the word “wore” which also can represent him trying to represent fake characteristics to make himself appear less nervous. The writer makes clear hints that Arjun Mehta has a low status in the story by the use of the quote “Skinny flagpole.” This can portray Arjun to be as disregarded as an object and it shows he is easily able to be pushed around because he is described as a “flagpole.” The writer also uses the technique of hyperbole to describe the flagpole. Flagpoles ar…

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