Who Is Agapito Bagumbayan

I belong to the opposing group. who opposes Jose Rizal as the national hero. and affirms Andres Bonifacio. who genuinely owns the throne to the alleged rubric of “National Hero” which presently belongs to Jose Rizal.

First of all. allow me acquire some facts straight. His complete name is Andres Castro Bonifacio. and he was born on November 30. 1863 in Tondo. Manila and died on May 10. 1897 at a really immature age of 33 in Maragondon. Cavite.

Like Abraham Lincoln. his formal instruction was really limited because of his parents’ decease when he was merely 14.

He was an devouring reader excessively similar Lincoln and has read legion books like the Gallic Revolution. Biographies of US Presidents and many others. As the firstborn. he had to drop out from school in order to back up his siblings.

Who Is Agapito Bagumbayan

Bonifacio was able to see working several uneven occupations such as courier. salesman and. warehouser. He was besides a man of affairs merchandising fans and canes.

He founded the radical motion known as KKK and was its supreme leader which sought for independency from the Spaniards.

Not known to many Filipinos. some historiographers regarded him as the “first president of the Philippines. Andres Bonifacio and Greogoria De Jesus were married at the historic Binondo Church in 1893. His married woman. more popularly known as Aling Oriang. was the laminitis and the vice-president of the women’s chapter of KKK.

As a member of the Katipunan. Gregoria was designated the codification name “Lakambini” which is the equivalent of “goddess” or “muse” in Tagalog idiom.

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Andres and Gregoria had a boy named Andres but died of variola.

Bonifacio was executed in 1897 and after more than a twelvemonth his married woman Gregoria met Julio Nakpil. a commanding officer of the Katipunan military personnels in northern Philippines. They got married in December 1898 and had 5 kids. The primary aim of the constitution of KKK is to accomplish independency from Spain through a revolution.

On July 7. 1892. the twenty-four hours after Rizal’s exile to Dapitan. Andres Bonifacio founded the KKK – Kataas-taasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan ( Highest and Most Respected Children of the Society of the Country ) As a Katipunero. a member of the secret society called KKK. Bonicafio used the anonym “May Pag-asa” ( There’s hope ) .

The first “Supremo” of the Katipunan. short of KKK. was Deodato Arellano. Bonicacio’s brother-in-law. The 2nd KKK “Supremo” was Roman Basa. Although Bonifacio was the laminitis. he merely took over as “Supremo” in 1895 and anterior to keeping the highest place he was the organization’s accountant and so its fiscal.

Bonifacio wrote the poem “Pag-ibig SA Lupang Tinubuan” ( Love of Homeland ) under the anonym Agapito Bagumbayan. With less than 300 KKK members in January 1896. ranks of the Katipunan soared high to more than 40. 000 by August 1896 due to the publication of “Kalayaan” and rank spread out throughout Luzviminda.

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Who Is Agapito Bagumbayan
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