Despicable Daisy

“On Wednesdays we wear pink” . Authoritative Mean Girls Regina George. Regina is the most beautiful. popular miss in school. Everyone seems to listen to her. But. under all her make-up. you can see she is besides the meanest and ugliest of them all. In Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Daisy Buchanan is Regina George. Daisy is by far the most contemptible character in the full novel. Despite her outer beauty. Daisy exemplifies true ugliness through her expressions and ditziness. selfishness and mercenary focal points.

every bit good as her bad ethical motives and deficiency of duty.

Looking at Daisy. she appears gorgeous indoors and out. She has the “full of money” voice that immediately draws people in like she is composed of good promises. But truly it is the complete antonym. The lone promise Daisy’s voice has is the promise of taking more people under her enchantment. “I’ve heard it said that Daisy’s mutter was merely to do people thin toward her ; an irrelevant unfavorable judgment that made it no less charming” ( 9 ) .

Daisy has ever been the belle of the ball as verified by her maidenhood friend from Louisville. Jordan Baker. Daisy uses her physical visual aspect and flirty ways to derive attending for herself. demoing her true colourss. Daisy believes being her flirty and ditzy ego is the manner to derive people’s focal point. She clearly has experience in these ways as proven when she talks about the girl Pammy when she grows up: “I hope she’ll be a fool…that’s the best thing a miss can be in this universe.

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a beautiful small fool” ( 17 ) .

Words That Describe Daisy Buchanan

Daisy’s figure one focal point in life is by far Daisy. Nothing else registries in her caput besides herself and. of class. her money. Her mercenary attitude leads to brutal egoism. Even at the immature age of 18. philistinism is the exclusive factor in the matrimony pick of Tom. When Jay Gatsby. her hapless first love. goes to war. Daisy promises to wait for him. However. shortly after he is gone. Daisy meets Tom Buchanan. Tom is from a societal household who could assure her the affluent life style she desires.

This is all Daisy needs to cognize. She selfishly marries Tom. wholly go forthing Gatsby behind all for her ain personal wealth. Even Gatsby recognizes her compulsion with money. “She merely married you because I was poor” ( 130 ) . Although Gatsby did non see that as selfishness since Daisy is “perfect” in his eyes. her pick is without a uncertainty cold hearted. Throughout the book Daisy strings along two work forces ; her hubby. Tom. and her old love. Jay Gatsby. all for more egotistic attending. “I did love him once—but I loved you too” ( 132 ) .

Frequently. Daisy’s selfish ways and love of the all-powerful dollar lead to her atrocious ethical motives and turning away of duty. When times get tough and things go incorrect. Daisy hides behind her money and goes someplace new. go forthing behind the state of affairs. For illustration. at the hotel Daisy gets put in the state of affairs of holding to pick between her two work forces. Tom and Jay. Right off. her first idea is to run off from the duty. “I won’t base this! Oh. delight let’s acquire out” ( 133 ) . On the manner place from the hotel. Daisy is driving Gatsby’s auto through the Valley of Ashes and hits Myrtle Wilson. immediately killing her. Daisy. being her usual ego. weeps and drives off from the scene. leting Gatsby to take incrimination.

“But of class I’ll say I was” ( 143 ) . Daisy. killing another human being and non having up to it is hardhearted on so many degrees. For her to be able to wake up the following forenoon and experience all right is incorrect. turn outing her awful ethical motives. George Wilson. Myrtle’s hubby. is highly angry and out of control when he finds out the auto that hit his married woman belongs to Jay Gatsby. George. presuming he is to fault. shoots Gatsby and so himself. killing both. If Daisy would hold stopped at the accident and owned up to the decease of Myrtle. two more lives might hold been saved. Even lower. Daisy does non go to the funeral of Jay Gatsby. a adult male who. in a sense. took a slug for her. Daisy fled with Tom to a new location. go forthing no reference or anything behind.

Sometimes the people ugliest on the exterior are the most beautiful on the interior. like Beauty and the Beast’s Beast. Although he is chilling and hairy on the surface. he is sweet and kindhearted the deeper in you go. Other times. there are people like Daisy. the complete antonym. In the terminal Daisy reveals herself for what she truly embodies. Despite how appealing and attractive she appears. her ugly side comes out the deeper the novel goes. She. as a individual. is proven to utilize her expressions all for the incorrect grounds. She centers her life on money and selfish ways. has corrupt ethical motives. and strongly lacks duty. Daisy Buchanan is by far the most contemptible and ugly character. Why wear pink on Midweeks when it is the interior that truly counts?

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