The Book of Blanche and Marie

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In world literature, one can find a variety of incarnations of eternal love: Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet … Swedish writer Per Olov Enquist is her as a woman with amputated limbs, lying in a wooden box. Well, every time their characters

«Book about Blanche and Marie” – the story of real women. One, Blanche Wittmann, – suffering from hysteria patient of Dr. Charcot, who participated in the public speeches of the famous psychiatrist. The second – even more famous Marie Sklodowska-Curie, twice winner of the Nobel Prize, the scientist who discovered radium.

The narrative is based on documentary material – notes Blanche Wittmann made by remaining hand. However, it is a fictional story, a symbolic novel with rich figurative close

At the heart of the novel – the two mysterious and tragic love stories:. About the strange relationship Blanche and Jean Martin Charcot and the secret, and then the controversial due to Marie Curie and Paul . Langevin

The main concern of Blanche in her memoirs – about the nature of love.

In the novel, she likened Radium radiation: invisible, but extremely powerful, attractive and tayaschemu mortal danger. Science and metaphysics, logic and irrational form is an indivisible whole.

“About anything on earth or in heaven, if it exists, I passionately dream, as this hand. Skin. Bone. Skeleton. I know the look of all the parts, but for some reason I crave this particular hand may be, it is -.? sacrament Blanche your hand – the mystery of “

The author does not skimp on the strong, bright images?. For example, the dramatic and symbolic story about a two-headed monster – one of the leitmotifs of the novel.

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Pascal Pinon and Maria – freak with two heads, male and female. Mary was voiceless, but when angry or jealous, sang silently, so that Pascal’s head almost split in pain. “Incarcerated prisoners in each other.” – writer found the image of the eternal painfully sweet love

They lived and died sharpened each other captives. First were unhappy, then … yes, it’s probably still was happiness. He wore it like a miner wearing a light bulb; from this came the bulb light and darkness, as is usually the case

At the top notebooks Blanche Wittmann displayed:. «amor omnia vincit» (love conquers all), “The Book of issues.” Recording its fragmented, confusing, and sometimes the answers are not relevant issues, narration and then returns to the same episodes. How to search in the dark, penetrating into the forbidden.

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The Book of Blanche and Marie
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