The Advantages Of Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Tourism Essay

The following sample essay on The Advantages Of Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Tourism Essay. The population in Klang Valley towards 2020 will expected to transcend 6 million to 10 million. The additions in the population in Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur ( KL ) will increase the needed of the conveyances in that country neither in the public conveyance nor the private conveyances. Based on 2009-2010 statistics, the expected population of major metropoliss such as Kuala Lumpur, Kajang, Petaling Jaya are as followers. Based on the informations, we can see that quickly growing in the major metropoliss in Klang Valley.

Harmonizing to the growing of population, we suggests that these metropoliss should be need an great betterment particularly in public installations such as transit. In connexion with the actions of the authorities ‘s programs to set up a public conveyance system ; Mass Rapid Transit in the Klang Valley, this will convey benefits for the citizen.

Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit ( KVMRT ) is a new system which proposed the new line under the Selangor and Kuala Lumpur rail theodolite system.

This system will be implemented as portion of attempts to do Kuala Lumpur universe category metropolis under the tenth Malaysia Pelan ( 10MP ) . This new KVMRT system will be about 156km long, covering a radius of 20km from the metropolis Centre and have a capacity two million riders per twenty-four hours. This system will supported by the web of feeder coachs and covered paseos to supply end-to-end connectivity commuter and walkers. The KVMRT is linking Sungai Buloh to Kajang which involves the building of a 51km theodolite line.

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This system will go through through the KL metropolis Centre and be integrated with the bing KTM Komuter, Ampang LRT Line and Kelana Jaya LRT Line. It will hold 35 Stationss and 2 terminals. Therefore, we will be demoing our sentiment which besides consists the advantages and disadvantages sing the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit.

KVMRT is a undertaking that has a tonss of advantage such as cut downing traffic congestion in the metropolis. We are informed that traffic congestion in the major metropolis such as Kuala Lumpur is really critical. Although invariably upgraded substructure, but congestion still occurs even more severely. This is because the town is an country that became the focal point of the populace. Higher criterion of life in Malaysia has besides resulted in a rise in the figure of vehicles on the route. Paths that do non consistently do traffic congestion. Based on the study conducted, there were 2.2 million vehicles in the country of Kuala Lumpur each twenty-four hours and the peak clip for traffic congestion is at 8.00 am to 9.00 am and 6.00 autopsy to 7.00 autopsy. Studies shows the figure of vehicles sold in the twelvemonth 2010 indicated an addition of 605,156 units over the old twelvemonth but merely 536,905 units, an addition of 12.71 % .

This survey shows the figure of vehicles on the roads is increasing and doing the traffic congestion, particularly in the metropolis more critical. The being of this undertaking can work out the deterioration traffic congestion. Besides that, the planetary oil monetary values are unstable and are at high degrees. Residents will travel to utilize public conveyance. This is because when utilizing personal vehicles for any concern it will necessitate a high cost in position of lifting oil monetary values. When utilizing public conveyance, people will be able to cut down the cost of their day-to-day and can assist to diminish the traffic congestion of urban country.

Reducing route activity

The needed of the conveyances are of import because it is deal to motion in day-to-day life. By all this increases, it will besides increase the route activity where there are big sum of conveyances in the route and will do gridlock in that country. Kuala Lumpur is excessively car-oriented. The additions in the public conveyances can be curbed if there was a good development in the public transit sector. Therefore, to cut down this job, the suited ways is by the additions the utilizations of the populace ‘s conveyance. By the KVMRT undertaking, it will cut down the route activity. It can cut downing the route activity by encourage the rider or the people to utilize the KVMRT.

The KVMRT is a first public conveyance system that are able to pull off the efficient in utilizations of conveyances in the route. Harmonizing the StarMetro intelligence, the line will serve same 1.2 million people around the Klang Valley and one KVMRT passenger car can transport 300 people which is tantamount to 177 autos. ( Priya Menon and Shauan Ho, 2011: M2 ) It shows that KVMRT can cut down the route job in that country. It besides can transport the big figure of people and this can assist people moved rapidly and avoiding the route traffics that is the hinderance them motion every twenty-four hours. By merely one passenger car, it can less or decreases the utilizations of autos by 177 autos or tantamount 3 coachs on the route. The route activity will diminish by the utilizations the KVMRT. Therefore, the KVMRT is touted to work out traffic congestion in the Klang Valley.

Reduce accident rates

The KVMRT undertaking will besides able to cut down accident rates. Accident is a job that frequently occurs, and despite the assorted steps undertaken chiefly by the authorities. However, it is still valid. Since the undertaking is to assist cut down and get the better of the traffic congestion, accident rates indirectly besides be able to be solved. This is because the decreased figure of vehicles on the route because most people will utilize public conveyance ( KVMRT ) to transport out day-to-day activities. KVMRT public conveyance as this provides a high degree of rider safety. It is suffering KVMRT has its ain way and impossible to accident is happen. The tabular array below show the statistic of accident from 2005 until 2009.

Get downing beginning of this KVMRT undertaking, there will a batch of economic activities exists among them as short and long term investing and making employment chances to people in environing and other countries. Through this development, the KVMRT undertaking will be to help states in accomplishing the Vision 2020. Other multiplier consequence and revenue enhancement grosss to authorities would accrue during the building period. KVMRT undertaking will be built in strategic countries such as in the township.

This undertaking was made in the country that has a immense population like in the DBKL, MPKJ, MBSA and MPS legal power. Residential country such as Setiawangsa, Kepong, and Cheras. Commercial and concern zone more in Kuala Lumpur, Damansara and Kajang. The SBK Line traverses along main road and extremely built up countries in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The undertaking traverses countries under the legal power of this 5 local governments. As a consequence, in the hereafter, many industries may exists and develop so this will take to the growing of the economic in Malaysia. In occupation creative activity factor, this undertaking will be able to pull more workers at place or outside. The demand to construct the full undertaking will make many occupations for local people. It will be assisting people find their beginning of income in transporting out this undertaking.

Convenient to go

The KVMRT system that are coming up will do our citizen convenient to go. Let ‘s hold a expression at the circle countries like The Curve, One Utama, TTDI, Seksyen 17 and Sekyen 16 under the map below: Degree centigrades: UsersMazuin HamzahPicturesUntitled.jpg Presently, if the people who stay at exterior of the Damansara countries and wanted to the selected country by utilizing public transits such as LRT, they have to take LRT and halt by at Kelana Jaya and so taking public bus – Rapid Bus to travel to the selected countries. This coming undertaking of KVMRT will convert people more. As we know the selected country is the chief topographic point that more people will desire to travel for every weekend. In this instance, hence, people will be delighted to acquire at that place. Beside that, traffic congestion ever occurs between the route of Seksyen 16 to TTDI and with a new system of KVMRT the job to acquire to the selected topographic point will more easiness for the citizen.

The same job goes to Sambathan and Pusat Bandar Damansara because there are no direct manner to acquire at that place. Therefore, largely people have to take either LRT and public coach or they have to take two coachs if they wanted to make at that place. The direct manner of KVMRT will ease people more comparison to the current public transit in Klang Valley. Actually there are many other topographic point that should hold public installations particularly in term of transit. However the new KVMRT has cover the chief topographic points in Klang Valley that most of the people will travel.

Besides, the 35 Stationss of this coming KVMRT system will make an ease entree for a batch of topographic points. Based on the map above, it will more convenient to travel to the other topographic points. There ‘s a batch of people complain that they ca n’t acquire to One Utama or The Curve without ain transit such as auto or bike. This job can be handled by presenting the new system of KVMRT.

Other than that, there are no public transit either coach, KTM, The Star or other public transit that are able to travel from Sungai Buloh to Kajang straight. Normally people have to travel to KL Sentral to take another coach or train. Alternatively of taking KVMRT, it will more easier to make the topographic points such as Chocharane and Plaza Phoenix which are next the route. Therefore, the coming launch of KVMRT will do the entree of one topographic point to another topographic point more easier, comfy and less fuss.

Increase the criterion of life

Besides, one of the advantages is to better the quality of life. Through the KVMRT, the community located near theodolite Michigans, people can more easy and rapidly settle their day-to-day undertakings. Daily activities can run swimmingly and people can salvage a batch of clip and can pass more clip with their household. Location such as Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Seremban and Johor Bahru, the degrees of pollutants from vehicles needfully higher. With the KVMRT system of air pollution caused by vehicles to avoid farther to better the quality of health care.

Save cost and travel clip

KVMRT undertaking execution could hold a positive impact on urban environment in footings of economic efficiency, productiveness and equality of life, every bit good as the quality of life. Some of the positive impact can be seen that there is a rider clip nest eggs and vehicle operating costs and diminish the cost of an accident in which a platform is safe from the route. We can see from the general public respondents and feedback for the section Sg. Buloh to Damansara showed that 41.9 % agreed that the nest eggs in clip and travel clip can be achieved. While the path from Maluri to Kajang showed 39.8 % of respondents of the populace and agree responses. A big per centum of 82 % of respondents indicated that they still use the MRT as it is delighting to the school or their motion into the market recorded a sum of 49.5 % . The path of Sg. Buluh to Kajang besides able to cut down travel costs by RM1.6 billion each twelvemonth. Reduction of traffic congestion ensuing in a decrease of clip can be expected of 100s of 1000000s. Those who use public conveyance will see cost nest eggs in vehicle operation. Savingss in fuel costs and vehicle care costs can be felt by consumers due to the decrease of auto traffic.

Percepts of the Residents

For the KVMRT undertaking, apart from the positive side of perceptual experience, there are besides some perceptual experiences of negative facets of the undertaking which are come from the occupants ‘ sentiments and perceptual experiences and these are all the ground why the occupants do non back up the KVMRT undertaking. We will discourse some occupants ‘ perceptual experiences of negative facets here. ERE Consulting Group had province some negative perceptual experience of respondents about the KVMRT undertaking. Based from the Sungai Buloh to Semantan respondents ‘ perceptual experience of negative facets of the undertaking, 2.7 % of them think that the KVMRT undertaking may do the job of land acquisition or relocation in some country . While, there are 8.1 % of same negative sentiment from the respondents from Maluri to Kajiang .

The occupants are inquire if the KVMRT undertaking cause some of the occupants ‘ belongingss may be acquired and causes them resettled at another location if their belongingss fell in the way of KVMRT alliance . If so, the occupants will because of the KVMRT undertaking and lost their belongingss and place. Apart from that, based from the Sungai Buloh to Semantan respondents ‘ perceptual experience of negative facets of the undertakings, approximately 4.1 % of them are believe that, the undertaking is excessively close to the residential country, and this will do many job to the occupants who are remaining near there.

While, there are 0.8 % of same negative sentiment from the respondents from Maluri to Kajang. When the path is excessively close with the residential country, it will do many jobs. Harmonizing to some occupants ‘ sentiments, they do non back up the KVMRT undertaking is because they think that when the building is excessively close with the residential country, this will make many jobs in their lodging country. For case, this state of affairs will make a batch of job to the occupants which live near with the building or undertaking country such as their safety job, pollution job ( noise, dust, inundations ) , and so on. These are the jobs that ever worry by the occupants.

Prove to mishandle

In this undertaking, we will able to cognize how they manage the financess and operations to guarantee the success of the MRT undertaking is to finish the degree to be proud of. Fund direction is critical because it is the chief beginning in implementing this undertaking. In this instance, the financess used to construct the railroad and the path is really high if compared with the building of other railroads. A really high cost needed to beef up the system for this undertaking. It is non denied in the undertaking direction of the fund will non divert the way should non be spent. Practice of corruptness will happen and the effects the financess allocated will be affected.

Cause pollution jobs

The disadvantages of MRT undertaking is will do pollution jobs. It is because of the building undertaking is close to residential countries. Hence, people populating near the undertaking country will see perturbation and pollution jobs such as dust and noise pollution. This job is experienced by people populating in the 30 metre distance from the Sungai Buluh Route to Kajang. entire 2080 lodging units, 2980 units of condominium / flat units and 1,000 flats located within 30m of the path corridor SBK. In add-on, there were 12 establishments, three mosques, two churches, a temple, four infirmaries and 40 medical centres and authorities composites and shopping centres. Measurement of sound degrees to 24-hours has been conducted for 18 locations on 26 July -20 August 2010 and 1 December 2010 – December 30, 2010 found that most of the noise degree exceeds the degree specified for residential countries of Town ( 60dBA to 50dBA for the twenty-four hours and clip dark ) . The jobs caused by haze building machinery and building activities undertaken during this undertaking.

Safety to resident non guaranteed/crime/theft

These effects in footings of security of the population is non guaranteed, offenses such as larceny occurred. A travel from Maluri to Kajang make the boiling response of the public respondents showed 13.1 % expressed their concern for the safety of the people associated with offense. The populace is through the quiet lanes may be exposed to the hazard of larceny. In add-on, other jobs such as hazard to public safety associated with the occupants, workers, route users and nearby edifices. Underground works concern to employees – workers engaged in building and public plants within the scope of the country of safety factors. In add-on, the school SJK ( C ) Nam Kheung were nearby ‘Maluri Retrival Shaft ‘ was one of the critical countries. The usage of particular equipment used for building of multi section ( elevated ) position of the work carried out at tallness. Members of the populace and employees who are under or near the work elevated covering with high security hazard.

Make the parking job

The additions in the private conveyances such as autos will make the gridlock on the route. Although the KVMRT will cut down the route activity by its strengthens in carried the big sum of people that are equal to 177 autos uses or 3 coachs uses, it will make a high job around that country. KVMRT will make the parking job on the KVMRT countries such as its station and the terminals. KVMRT undertaking will give consequence on the parking job in two state of affairs or clip that is when concept the conveyances station or KVMRT web line and when that undertaking complete.

When the concept clip, more than one activity should be manage proper Begin such as the public-service corporations like H2O and cloaca brinies, electrical overseas telegrams, gas pipe and so on. This activity will may impermanent loss the parking infinite and will make the parking job on that country. Beside that the affected procedure will used the big figure of country and it will give the old country. The concept clip besides can impermanent closed the route that will do the gridlock in the route and impermanent closing of route lanes. By the clip, the KVMRT undertaking will finish and it ever create the parking job but in the country of the terminal or the station.

The additions in the Klang Valley and KL country will increase the demand of public conveyance such as autos because the KVMRT are enable easier connectivity between the populated on that country. The needed of the public conveyance besides will increase and to guarantee the rider can utilize the KVMRT conveyance system, they need to happen the parking country for them autos. Peoples will park country the station or the terminal if they want used the KVMRT conveyances. So, the KVMRT station should be more in parking country and if non the parking job will be in a large state of affairs. By with the efficiencies in concept the KVMRT conveyances system, it will make the parking job in that countries weather in the concept clip or when it become complete. The parking job will do higher jobs and will increase the societal job.

Some Thought Regarding KVMRT

Upon cognizing this affair, the residential particularly around the countries which are included in the coming undertaking argues will likely reason with each other, one side that said this undertaking brings more injury to our Mother Earth and one side that supports this undertaking, as our group did before we realize that every physical development around the universe will at least impact the ambiance of Earth and, of class, human. The negative effects of physical development can non be prevented, but it can be reduced, at least to a degree that the injuries directed to Earth and its life signifier is low.

One of the ways to minimise the effects of physical development of this undertaking is to finish the undertaking at a faster rate ( should it be carried out ) . Peoples will get down to utilize the KVMRT when the undertaking has been done, cut downing the rate of air pollution caused by the extended usage of fossil fuels to run cars. However, it may non be seeable to the people because most of them will merely see the good this undertaking will make to them ; less money to pass on fuels in this desperate times. But does this mean that the authorities will acquire the same benefits as the people do? This method requires great sum of financess.

Other methods to cut down the effects of the KVMRT undertaking besides require more and more financess. This so leads to another inquiry ; will the authorities be willing to set more money on this undertaking? The excess fund needed can be used for other affairs that are no less of import than this undertaking is such as developing rural countries to cut down the rate of poorness in the state, heightening the touristry sector to pull more tourers, and many more. It all goes back to the authorities to make up one’s mind about it.


As a decision, there are pros and cons sing to this Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit that coming up shortly. From the treatment above, the KVMRT undertaking has many benefits to the people once it is completed but they will hold to bear with the jobs that may look during the completion of the undertaking. Should the authorities decides to go on with their programs? We believe that this undertaking should be able take Malaysia closer to its mark ; to be one of the universe ‘s advanced states by 2020. But from what have been discussed above, they are many negative effects, some may happen and some will happen, to the people and the environment if the undertaking is carried out.

Therefore, the KVMRT, without uncertainty, brings good benefits to the people, but it put a strain on the authorities ; put more, find methods that require fewer financess, or merely travel on with the current program? The people will besides hold to confront the jobs that may and will go on during the completion of the undertaking. We know that the KVMRT undertaking has a great opportunity to be carried out albeit the fund it requires and the job that may originate when it is on the building phase.

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