Tablets Vs Textbooks

Technology is advancing more and more everyday. From ‘phones to Droids the things you can do is endless. These advances are making every day life easier and easier whether its doing your banking from home or keeping up with social media. Technology is becoming so advanced that kindergarten through twelfth grade students will soon be relieved of the burden of carrying books to and from school five days a week, which would be extremely beneficial.

However, some people oppose this dea because, tablets are more expensive than print text books, they are dangerous to our kids health, and the tablets may be difficult to use for some students.

First of all, those who oppose this idea believe that a tablet is more expensive than a print text book. Technology does not necessarily translate into more expensive though. According to a report from the Federal Communications Commission schools kindergarten through twelfth grade spend on average around eight billion dollars a year on text books.

If these schools switched from text books to the ever popularizing

E-book these schools can save anywhere from two hundred fifty to one thousand dollars per student per year. If you calculate this an average school has about five thousand to seven thousand students which translates to a 5 to 7 hundred thousand dollar savings that can go towards other things in the school. Most E-books cost about four hundred fifty dollars where as a textbook can cost upwards of six hundred dollars. So, this idea of tablets being more expensive is preposterous, and comes from the common idea of technology means more money which has no factual vidence to back it.

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Textbooks Versus Tablets

Secondly, the opposition will say that tablets are dangerous to our kids health. Those who oppose tablet usage will use the argument that staring at the screen of the tablet will cause irreversible damage to the eyes, but this claim is only a half truth though. There is no permanent damage caused to the eye, but there is a slight strain that can be relieved from a good nights rest. This slight strain however, is nothing in comparison to what can happen to an individuals back from carry all those heavy books all day.

Pediatrician and chiropractors recommend that only fifteen percent of one’s total body weight should be held on the back, but the weight from all of a child’s courses easily out weighs that fifteen percent mark. A report from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, during the 2011-2012 school year an estimated thirteen thousand seven kids aged from five to eighteen, were treated for some sort of back pack related injury. So where is the real danger to our kids health really at? Lastly, the individuals who oppose these tablets in school will say the tablets may be oo difficult to use for some students.

The opposition will argue that with all these books and documents a student will have difficulty with opening any of them and thus make learning much harder for that child, this claim is extremely outlandish however. In the third world country of Ethiopia, the One Lap Top Per Child organization dropped off boxes full of tablets with educational applications loaded onto the device in two rural cities. These children had no prior education up to this point and were able to use the device properly within five days of opening it.

Within two weeks these children were reciting the alphabet, and withing five months the children were able to get passed the security systems on the device and customize the background of the tablet. So, if these children who have never even seen the inside of a classroom can easily work the device within five days and become experts with it within five months, there is no telling what the children of modern day America would be able to do with such an educational device. Using a tablet in school over text books is Just so much more beneficial than it is unhelpful.

The students of today will be much safer carrying around a one pound tablet everyday than a fifteen pound book. Using these tablets will also save our school districts so much more money as well. Also students today will be able to easily adjust and use these tablets for educational purposes which is Just much more beneficial towards their learning. Tablets are Just so beneficial why would we deprive our students of something so great. Tablets will revolutionize and increase learning ability so much, we can not Just turn our backs to this great opportunity technology has provided for us.

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