The following sample essay on “Success And Failure In Death Of A Salesman”: tells about monetary, occupational, and family standings.

Throughout history societys interpretations of success and failure remain fundamentally sound. Over the years monetary, occupational, and family standings continue to be some key items which measure the success and or failure of an individual. Many people believe that a well-paying occupation and the possession of material goods such as cars and houses represent the epitome of success. On the other hand, society considers the lack of money and material goods in ones lifetime typical of a loser.

In order to be triumphant both in Arthur Millers lifetime as well as in present day society, one must conquer mankinds high expectations. Fulfilling these demands is attainable for only a small percentage of the human race. However, meeting these challenges for the majority of mankind whether through indifference, neglect, inferiority, or laxity leads to what society labels, unsuccessful. Today the general public is far more generous in their acceptance of people who strive and attain successful standings in the workplace and community, than those who lack determination and drive.

Arthur Millers ideas on success and failure similarly concur with the viewpoints of present day society.

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Success In Death Of A Salesman
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