Bradley Barn 1 . ) What are the salient situational factors? My daughter is allergic to tobacco smoke. The waiter made a big mistake or careless error in seating preference. ??? The business men where in the wrong area (non-smoking). Selecting the restaurant should have been carefully reconsidered because of the allergic reaction to tobacco smoking. 2. ) What is the most appropriate conflict management strategy? The most appropriate conflict management strategy would be to avoid forcing and avoidance because they tend to result in unresolved issues/ problems.

Essay Example on Situational Ethics Theory

Plus, satisfaction is only viewed and/or reached on one side; the other party side is ignored or overlooked. Even though this situation could have easily become a detrimental crisis; the best approach would have been to utilize the problem-solving method. That way both parties reach a collaborative resolution. “Both parties find solutions to the cause of the conflict that are satisfactory to both parties rather than to find fault or assign blame” (Whetton/Cameron, 2011).

The process or steps after the incident happened should have played out like this. ??? The mom asked or summoned for the waiter immediately.

Let the hostess know what happen as a result of her error in seating. ??? If she is unable to deal and/or handle the situation properly; then ask for the manager so that he or she can provide assistance in reference to customer service. ??? The manager and mom reach a solution on how to avoid incidents of this caliber in the near future. Avocado Computers Bill is highly impressed by your work ethics and believes you can improve their production facility.

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??? Bill is adamant in regards to cleanliness, order, and appearance. mfou are a bit-miffed at the single item of concern” (Whetten/Cameron, 2011, page 19). ?? Management needs to maintain a cleaner facility. You don’t know how to respond to the cleanliness demerit. 2. ) What is the most appropriate conflict management strategy? In this particular case, a compromise would be the appropriate conflict management strategy. “The compromising strategy typically calls for both sides of a conflict to give up elements of their position in order to establish an acceptable solution” (Dontigney, 2013, page 1). Here, Bill would consider renegotiate her contract or taking the demerit off of her performance appraisal.

She in return would implement and/or practice cleanliness on the factory floor. Both parties can agree to disagree on the need for cleanliness but understand why it is important and needed in the state-of-the-art production facility. Each stand to lose something valuable; Bill stands the chance of losing a good employee and she stands the chance of losing a great Job. The key here, is preventing both from reaching a lose-lose situation; both parties will have to make sacrifices in order to reach a common goal or objective. Situational Factors By tparker279

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