Sikh Matrimony Gurdwara

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All the Sikh ceremonials like birth, baptism, matrimony and decease are held in simple, cheap and spiritual tone. Every of import ceremonial is performed in the presence of holy Guru Granth Sahib. Of class, vocalizing of anthem, Ardas, or a formal supplication suited to the juncture, Hukamnama, or a random reading from the Guru Granth Sahib will be included as the order of the twenty-four hours.

Distribution of Karah Parshad, or sacred pudding made from flour, butter, sugar and H2O, Langar is provided for all the invitees. Sikhs no longer seek approval from God and regenerate the spirit of devotedness and service.

Sikh Ceremony

There are some of the major Sikh Ceremonies, Naam Karan ( Naming Ceremony ) , Dastar Bandi, Marriage Ceremony, Amrit Sanchar ( Baptism ) , Funeral/Death Ceremony, Gurpurbs and Sangrand.

KhandaAfter the birth of a kid, if the female parent and the kid are in good wellness, they will travel to the Gurdwara with their relations and friends for the naming ceremonial.

The Granthi or a senior member of the fold stirs H2O and sugar crystals in a bowl with a ‘Khanda ‘ placed in forepart of the Guru Granth Sahib while reading the ‘Mool Mantra ‘ ( the basic belief of the Sikhs and it begins the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ) and the first five poetries of the ‘Japji Sahib ‘ . A few beads of this holy H2O are so put into the kid ‘s oral cavity and the remaining is given to the female parent to imbibe.

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Hymns are recited or sun to bless the kid.

Dastar Bandi

This is a really of import event when a Sikh male child is ready to get down binding the turban. The Granthi will explicate why the turban is needed to be tied on the caput.

Amrit Sanchar ( Baptism )

Baptism and matrimony are the most of import ceremonials in the life of a Sikh. It is in the signifier of a formal curse and induction ceremonial by which a Sikh becomes a true Khalsa ( purified or chosen one ) , and like the Christian at verification, acquires full rank of the Sikh brotherhood. As the ceremonial culminates in the imbibing of Amrit ( specially prepared sweet Holy H2O ) so the term ‘Amrit-dhari Sikh ‘ is frequently used. However, a Sikh should merely take Amrit when he or she is mature plenty to recognize the nature of the duties he or she has chosen to accept.

Marriage Ceremony

The Sikh matrimony is called ‘Anand Karaj ‘ which means the ceremonial of joy. The Sikh nuptials is held in the forenoon in a Gurdwara. The bridegroom will be dressed in all right apparels and accompanied by his household and friends. Then he reaches the Gurdwara Sahib where the bride ‘s relations and friends receive them. After the Milni ceremonial ( close relations of the twosome garland each other in a spirit of good will ) and refreshments, everyone enters the Gurdwara fold hall where bride sits alongside the bridegroom confronting the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. A short supplication is said and so the nuptials ceremonial begins and the Ragees sing the anthem of ‘Palla ‘ which is bridegroom ‘s scarf. The bride ‘s male parent gives the Palla into the custodies of bride which is symbolic of giving away the bride. This is followed by ‘Lavaan ‘ , the nuptials ceremonial. It consists of four poetries. The first poetry is recited by the Granthi while the twosome sits. Then the Ragees sing the same poetry and the twosome walk gracefully clockwise around the Guru Granth Sahib the bride following the bridegroom. Same manner the other three poetries are recited. The six poetries of ‘Anand Sahib ‘ ( the anthem of joy ) are so sung followed by the Ardas. Order of the twenty-four hours is read from Guru Granth Sahib Ji followed by the distribution of Karah Parshad. Lunch is provided by the bride ‘s household. Normally a response is held subsequently in the eventide in a hall.

Funeral/Death Ceremony

Normally, this ceremonial is really simple. When a Sikh dies, the organic structure is first washed and dressed with new apparels. Then it is carried to the cremation land in emanation so appropriate supplications are said before the funeral pyre. After that, it is lit by close relations. In Britain a crematory built for this intent is used. Later, the cooled ashes will be collected and immersed into or presented to natural running water- a river.

To finish the ceremonial, so either in the place or in the Gurdwara, the day-to-day reading of the Holy Granth begins. This takes approximately 10 yearss. When all the 1430 pages have been read, the concluding service is held. Relatives and friends gather to fall in in the concluding supplications. The Kara Parshad ( holy nutrient ) is served and the people disperse. This marks the terminal of bereavement.

The Sikh Marriage

The Sikh matrimony is non simply a physical and legal contract but is a holy brotherhood between two psyches where physically they appear as two single organic structures but in fact are united as one. The Sikh matrimony ceremonial is besides known as Anand Karaj intending ‘blissful brotherhood ‘ .

Harmonizing to Sikhism, when a miss attains adulthood, it is incumbent upon her parents to look for a suited lucifer for her. It is neither desirable nor proper to get married a miss at stamp age. The girl of a Sikh should be given in matrimony to a Sikh. If a adult male is a Sikh truster, is low by nature, and earns his staff of life by honest agencies, with him marriage may be contracted without a inquiry and without consideration for wealth and wealths.

Sikh matrimonies are normally arranged. The people from other civilizations do non ever decently construe the word ‘arranged ‘ . An ordered matrimony does non intend coercing adult male or adult female into marriage of parents ‘ pick merely. It is holding to marriage proposed by common treatment between the adult male ‘s and the adult female ‘s household. This is to choose the right spouse with the blessing of all. Most significantly, the adult male and adult female themselves must acquire to cognize each other to convey their consent to their parents.

No Sikh matrimony is regarded as genuinely complete unless the bride and groom present themselves before the Holy Granth and are blessed by the Guru, every bit good as by the fold or the households present.

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