Self Handicapping

Self Handicapping


Nate is often late wherever he goes. He overslept this morning, but blamed his alarm for not being loud enough. He was also too tired from the night before because his daughter was up sick most of the night. He forgoes exercise, saying he?ll take the stairs in his office building. Driving to work, he speeds 10+ miles over the speed limit, inevitably being pulled over. He tells the police officer that he was just ?keeping up with the flow of traffic.

? After receiving his ticket, Nate drives away rationalizing that ?the cop was a jerk.? Nate has begun his morning with many instances of self-handicapping, or making excuses for his behavior. All of the excuses Nate made are examples of self-handicapping. One reason for this ?trick of the mind,? as psychologists call it, is that it ?sets up a win ? win situation by allowing a person to save face when he or she does fail. However, by taking the crippling handicap in the first place, the person is actually more likely to fail at their endeavor.

In this paper, we will share about a survey we conducted,

Self Handicapping Self Handicapping Self Handicapping

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Self Handicapping
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