Picka Pocketoni

In “Oranges Aren’t The Only Fruit” and “Picka Pocketoni”, the authors Jeanette Winterson and David Sedaris created the idea of satire to mock a stereotype. The stereotype being mocked was that same sexes couldn’t be together and how certain people, in this case the French, smelled or acted a certain way. They used examples of diction and hyperboles cto compare and contrast similar and different tones between the two. Throughout both the stories that were told, they tried to make it so the audience could find humor of some sort.

In other words, Sedaris and Winterson both set two different types of tones in their writing.

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To start it off, Sedaris was using hyperbole,which is not to be taken literally,to exemplify to the readers that people assume things and are stereotypical people. They are stereotypical because they are following based off what society sets the expectations for people.

In Picka Pocketoni, an American, Martin, was on the train with his wife in Paris and noticed an odor. Based off of poor judgement, Martin assumed that due to David not having a pleasurable scent that he was French. It is known to society that “French people don’t bathe”. Although David was not French, Martin was being ignorant and assumed it; David was American as well. Since Martin was American, a stereotype was set for him in addition. American tourists are arrogant, ignorant, and unconcerned of other cultures.

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It was noticeable that Martin didn’t know what he was talking about and was “judging a book by its cover.” Martin’s wife said, “Do they all smell this bad?”. In other words, the author is conveying that people act stereotypical. As a result, David Sedaris created his idea of satire mocking a stereotype. For Picka Pocketoni, David states, ” I was a stinkpot and a thief,” then later says,” another few minutes and he might decide I was a crack dealer and white slaver.” The author was not being literal and seriously meant that he was those things…

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