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Essay on “River King”

It is said that children can be very cruel. After reading the novel by Alice Hoffman “River King”, I can not disagree.

Perhaps nothing criticized the famous TV series “School” (and, perhaps, why scold). It is really a lot of truth, though, I have not had to deal with childhood cruelty.

So, teenager Gus Pierce came to study at the elite school in a small town. And everything is good, but that’s just he was very unlucky too, and besides, unlike the others.

Only one girl knew and loved him – a true friend Carlin Leander. Also black sheep in the team. But once they had an argument. The next morning, Gus was found dead in the river. What happened that night? Is the young man was so upset that he took his own life? Or maybe he was killed, but who? And why the police did not want to intervene in this matter?

River King Book

If you think that this is a detective, then perhaps you are not quite right.

It’s still a book about love and betrayal, stiffness and mercy, and yet how hard to survive the loss of a loved one. Accept the fact that more never see him again, not Pohorje … And yet, all the while thinking that if you’re in a moment acted differently, the tragedy would not have happened … < p> My first encounter with the work of Alice Hoffman was unsuccessful. The book “What would that be” left me completely indifferent.

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I remember, I was not even able to finish it. All the time asleep. But it took some time, and I once again decided to take up the creation of Alice Hoffman. This time, everything turned out more than well. The novel “River King” I liked him a lot more. Maybe he just got in the mood, but definitely left a mark in my heart. He forced sincerely empathize with the heroes. After losing a loved one is very difficult. But you should try to be strong to survive the grief and move on, if so ordered life.

By the way, based on the book by Alice Hoffman “River King” in 2005. The film was shot. It is called “Death on the river.” I’d love to see a picture.

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