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iPhone is a smartphone, produced by Apple, the first version of which saw the world in 2007. iPhone works as cameraphone, portable media-player, the Internet client (with its email, web-browser and Wi-Fi) with the function of SMS and MMS. The main feature of the smartphone is its touchscreen with the multi-touch technology, around which there is the user’s interface with the visual keyboard instead of the real material one. All the applications can be bought and downloaded from App Store, launched in 2008.

The USA saw the first iPhone in summer of 2007, Europe – autumn of 2007, Asia – in 2008 and since that time the smartphone has won general international popularity and fame. iPhone trademark is owned by the company Cisco Systems, which produced the device with the same name for the Internet telecommunication and in 2007 Apple and Cisco agreed to use the name of the trademark together.

The history of the creation of iPhone is quite interesting and it started from the creation of iPod which saw the world in 2002-2004.

After that the former head of the company Steve Jobs decided to create a device which would unite all the existing gadgets in the single appliance. The only device which could unite a phone, media-player and PDA was a smartphone and the company started developing this idea further and in 2007 iPhone was demonstrated to the general public. iPhone has become popular not just due to its quality but due to the smart marketing strategy practised by Apple. They have managed to create a cult from the device and nowadays it is supposed to be the most frequently-sold smartphone in the world.

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Approximately every year the company demonstrates iPhone of the new generation which possesses additional functions.

Iphone Proposal

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Iphone Proposal
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