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“Quay incurable / Watermark” Review Paper

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Essay on “Quay incurable / Watermark”

Once again reviewing “Walking with Brodsky,” I was eager to read the “Watermark” is in Russian, but not in the original. This, you know, there was a fad.

The most common edition of the translation of this essay on the Russian language is definitely “Quay incurable” released “ABC».

Actually, it’s what I got.

to be honest -. not completely finished reading

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I do not pretend to perfect knowledge of English, but what in my hand was one of the worst transfers when – either fell into them, it was clear from the very first ten pages.

I do not know where and what looked publisher and editors, releasing it into circulation, but, etc. and reading it seems that one of the most prominent Russian contemporary classic has been translated “PROMT».

In addition, the translation is so rife with jargon and vernacular, that this alone would be enough already to above definition of its as the art to put a big question mark.

I am genuinely sorry that people who do not speak English, make it impossible to appreciate this small, but absolutely magical work of one of the most paradoxical, and, at the same time , infinite infinitely beautiful, places on Earth …

The rest of the advice, though, to read it in English, as it is absurd may seem to read in the “foreign” language Russian classics.

In this the most important advantage of bilingual editions – there is always a choice

However, we came to me an instance of the pros, after all, are two: a nice addition is the fact that the book is illustrated with photographs taken by Brodsky. that gives us a whole new side of his creativity. A talented person is talented in all – a statement with which it is possible to argue, but not in this case

Yes, and for a long time to see familiar places through the eyes of one of his favorite writers, I was quite interesting ..

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