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Cubism and Pablo Picasso Essay

Cubism, which began very shortly after Fauvism, isexemplified by Pablo Picasso.In this movement the flattenedspace including background and foreground are related in a newand more abrupt manner.

Thefirst effect is of a camera inmotion, a kaleidoscopic impression of the solid portions of thefigure.This certain feature can be contrasted to theimpressionist movements’ works.Added to this kaleidoscopicquality is another new element.Picasso and his Cubistcolleagues disintegrated the form into a series of simultaneously viewed but different aspects of the same subject.A cubistpainter, to achieve a greater understanding, walked about thesubject, observing it from significant various angles andrecording them as his impressions of form.

But this procedureled to actual destruction of form and its reduction to a seriesof decorative elements. Negro art and sculpture had a profoundeffect and it was quite extensively used by Picasso.Negrosculpture approved his subject in a more conceptual way than anaturalistic depiction, mostly by a western view.This resultedin forms that were more abstract and stylized and in a sense moresymbolic.Picasso held the view that it was art that held thekey to the young twentieth century painters to liberatethemselves and was more representational and anti-naturalistic.

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The rational, geometric breakdown of the human head and bodyprovided Picasso re-appraisal of his subjects.This style gavebirth to the next phase of development, known as syntheticCubism.Georges Barque was major contributor to this style, inwhich he joined bits of real wallpaper, playing cards, tobaccopackage labels and other materials.These were selected not toform impact but for decorative and compositional-making.In thisform, the Cubists were more concerned with textural anddecorative values.

Painter Pablo Picasso Essay

Famous painter Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain, in 1881.His father, an art teacher, recognized his sons talent at an early age.Pablo attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where his father was appointed professor in 1896.When he was only 16, Picasso had his own studio and had already mastered realistic technique, and did not have much use for school. Picasso’s personal style began to form from 1901 to 1904.This period was known was his blue period.They used this term because he often used many blue tones in his paintings.Although as he became more successful he began using less blue and more of the terra-cotta color, deep pinkish red.His subjects also changed during what they called the rose period, 1905 to 1907.The subjects went from depression to happy, such as dancers, acrobats, and harlequins. In the year of 1907, Picasso had an entirely different look, like the one in’Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’.Picasso’s fascination for primitive art and carvings, especially those of African origin, was expressed in this painting.This painting opened the door to cubism and other later abstract movements.Working with fellow painter, and friend, Georges Braque, Picasso experimented with geometric forms.The painting ‘The Three Musicians’ of 1921 was his major achievement using the cubism technique. Later in 1917, Picasso moved to Rome where he designed costumes for Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes.This brought on another branch of Picasso’s work, the classic period, which lasted until 1925.Although working at the ballet, Picasso kept working on his cubist technique.He wanted to make it less demanding and harsh, he changed straight rigid lines to curved ones.His painting ‘Guernica’, which depicted his feelings of the Spanish Civil War.This huge painting was considered to be by many his masterpiece.

My Reflection on Three of Pablo Picasso’s Works Essay

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born October 25, 1881 to Don José Ruiz Blasco (1838-1939) and Do&ntildea Maria Picasso y Lopez (1855-1939). Picasso was a painter at a young age and was mentored by his father. His father was stunned by his son's prodigious artistic ability and proclaimed that he would never paint again. Pablo entered many fine arts schools and even enteredThe Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. In October 1900 Picasso and Casagemas left for Paris, the most significant artistic center at the time, and opened studio at the Montmartre. Art dealer Pedro Manach offered Picasso his first contract: 150 Francs per month in exchange for pictures. This restless life with constant travels continued all his life, though later he would become more or less settled, but never finally settled. His original disproportion and abstractedness has captured the world over. Picasso was able to take very famous paintings and create his own masterpiece. One of Picasso's paintings that have captured my attention, is The Old Guitarist. Another of Pablo's works would be Acrobat On a Ball. The last selection would be Las Meninas.
First, I chose The Old Guitarist. This painting is of interest to me because I play the guitar. Beyond the similar instrument, I enjoy the feeling of solace that the painting gives me. The slumped head of the man has me thinking that he is playing a song in his darkest hour. I think that overall darkness of hue that was chosen to paint this in did the idea more justice than if it were performed in lighter shades.
Second, Acrobat On a Ball stood out to me from the hundreds of works Picasso has done. The reason this particular painting has leaped out at me would be that it seems very like a piece that Salvador Dali might paint. The closeness of the foreground figure with his back turned and the multiple layers of foreground , middle ground, and background give this impression.

Pablo Picasso’s Art Essay

The feelings and love of art varies depending on the vision that the spectator receives.Art can be looked at from various aspects, because every individual has to distinguish their own concept of it.Individual concept is a term that can be applied to Pablo Picasso’spainting “Girl before a Mirror” which he created in 1932.An in depth observation is required; in order for one to conclude the reality of a modern art painting. The colors that an artist uses are very critical because that may be the factor that is seenfirst by the viewer.Picasso used various colors and different shapes to attract the eye of his viewers.The colors used in the painting play a major role, because they are symbolic.Red can represent love, green may symbolize life, and black is related to death.The colorful wallpaper and floor design has colors and a diamond design that could be closely associated with human organs and life.The numerous diamonds that appear in the painting could possibly mean that Picasso thinks life is delicate like an actual diamond.The stomach of the girl, and her stomach image in the mirror are shaped like teardrops to initiate the fact that the girl is very emotional at this point in her life.Circles also appear multiple times throughout the portrait.Picasso may have been trying symbolize that circles are infinite just as problems in life can be.Colors and shapes helps the viewer analyze the portrait in numerous ways. “Girl before a Mirror” stimulates a number of thought provoking ideas.Look atfirst sentence in body one.The girl looks very sad and unhappy.She appears to be uncomfortable with herself, and it also seems as if the girl does not like what she sees.Her reflection reflects a receding chin, huge eyes, and a growing nose.On the other hand, the girl appears to be very attractive by her profile.

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