Nadra Verisys: An Essay Framework

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NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) is a registration document to be issued to a valid/legitimate citizen of Pakistan.

Previously it was issued to overseas Pakistanis working/living/staying/studying abroad for consecutive time period of six months or possessing dual nationalities but now it can be issued to any citizen of Pakistan.
• Data Acquisition at Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) o Issuance of Token o Photo Capturing o Thumb and Signatures o Data Acquisition by DEO o Form Printing o Attestation & Form Submission
• Data uploading to NADRA Data Warehouse Verification and Clearance from NADRA Data Warehouse
• Printing at Production
• Delivery of NICOP to NSRC or Address The POC program endeavors to provide eligible foreigners with unprecedented incentives to get back to their roots, while ensuring that the motherland remains tightly integrated with expatriates worldwide which includes
• Visa-free entry into Pakistan.

• Indefinite stay in Pakistan.
• Exemption from foreigner registration requirements.
• Permission to purchase and sell property.
• Right to open and operate bank accounts. Data Acquisition at Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)
• Issuance of Token
• Photo Capturing
• Thumb and Signatures
• Data Acquisition by DEO
• Verification from NADRA Data Warehouse
• Printing at Production
• Delivery of POC CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) is the core product of NADRA issued to a valid/legitimate citizen of Pakistan. It is a blend of state-of-the-art technology and well-defined business rules to guarantee its authenticity and validity.

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Every genuine, 18 Years and above, citizen of Pakistan is eligible for CNIC.

CRC Child Registration Certificates is a registration document used to register minors under the age of 18 years. FRC Family Registration Certificates are documents issued to nationals of Pakistan highlighting the family tree structure of the applicant. Multi – Biometric ID Card NADRA has developed a comprehensive system with Interactive Data Acquisition & Web methodologies; acquiring, transferring, processing, archiving data & producing ISO compliant secure identification documents. This system generates unique citizen identification numbers for entire population.

The Registration system integrates biometric technologies such as Automated Finger Identification Systems (AFIS) and Facial Recognition Systems and is capable of providing identity verification to all integral Government departments. The system can meet any standards required by the customer, including ISO 7810 and ICAO 9303 compliant ID cards. NADRA provides integration services for all types of ID technologies as per the clients’ requirement including Smart Card, RFID cards, Java cards and microprocessor based cards. The end-to-end registration system ensures authenticity of individual & documents through visual as well as electronic means.

Nadra Fingerprint Form

NADRA provides the following services to its clients:
• Evaluate possible technologies and solutions for the project .
• Develop a new Identification numbering scheme .
• Define technical standards based on requirements and evaluation
• Define system security standards .
• Undertake a system analysis and design study of the manual process, to identify gaps in the system
• Perform Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) of the existing procedures
• Develop data acquisition methodologies and identify data fields required to be captured
• Identify required technologies pertaining to: o Data Acquisition Data Communication o Data Processing o Secure Document Production & Document Delivery components
• Design Data Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) plan for the project
• Develop requirements for integration with other government bodies
• Identify Hardware & Software to implement a state-of-the-art system Interactive Registration: NADRA has the ability to provide its clients with Multi-biometric Interactive Registration Centers that can be designed as a one widow solution that makes good use of latest data enrollment technology to gather data directly from the applicants thereby eliminating erroneous data processing.

The interactive data capturing not only uses customized software for on-the-spot data entry, but also employs software that captures an individual’s photograph as per ICAO standards and biometric technology to capture fingerprints. The data gathered at the acquisition centers is sent directly to the Data Warehouse for processing and finally to printing of secured documents. NADRA has successfully implemented the Multi-Biometric National Identity Card System based on Teslin® for Pakistan.

Till date over 96 million citizens have been registered and over 68 million ID cards produced. National Data Warehouse: NADRA has established the National Data Warehouse to cater the influx of huge data. This central repository stores demographic and geographic data of the citizen and processes applicant’s records for the issuance of multiple secure documents after exhaustive verification through automated biometric facial and fingerprint recognition and verification systems.

All the applications running in data warehouse are designed and developed in-house, which caters for all needs of automated processing, personalization and verification with minimum human intervention. Some of the data warehouse applications are:
• Phonetics – probably the fastest search engine which searches on the basis of names
• Family Identification – provide vertical and horizontal family linkages
• Verisys – web based verification system Registration Tracking – tracks applicant’s application through-out the life cycle of processing
• Disaster recovery and replication module Verisys The requirement of identification document for evidentiary purposes is incomplete without proper verification mechanism. Having developed the Multi-Biometric National Identity Card for Pakistan backed up by the large centralized national database in the world, NADRA has introduced an easy- to-use access tool for verification of citizens in the country named as Verisys.

To verify the issued CNIC and avoid any fraudulent activities NADRA launched Verisys, which is an authentication process to provide online verifications of Pakistani citizens to the government, private and corporate sectors for bringing in transparency, validation, elimination of fraud & forgery. This is a web-based real-time activity displaying the front and rear image of the CNIC with added hidden information for verifications. Using NADRA`s strong network infrastructure, a reliable and efficient mode of connectivity is provided to clients even in the remotest areas of Pakistan.

Automated Border Control To cater for the need for robust identification and verification systems, NADRA has developed Automated Border Control (ABC) system which serves as a tool for law-enforcement agencies in eradicating illegal immigration and human trafficking. The Automated Border Control System is fully automated immigration control system linked with the central Passport server. It authenticates e-Passport, identity and other travel documents by performing on spot Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Identification with utmost reliability and efficiency.

It also keeps the record of automated data verification, passenger travel history, flight information, destination, port-of-origin, nationality, verification log and officer’s comments. The Automated Border Control is fully equipped to cater for the following functions:
• Optical reading and identification of travel documents
• Identification of passenger through AFIS and Facial 1:1 match
• Validation of PKI by reading MRZ and 2D Barcode PDF 417
• Identification of passenger data and UV images
• Matching with Blacklist and Exit Control List (ECL)

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