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The novel “Oliver Twist” was written in the Victorian period by the famous Charles Dickens, witch was also the period of the industrial revolution. Because the population was very high and still increasing the demand for goods also dramatically increased. With such a high demand the living conditions and goods such as food and clothing severally lacked in quality. The living conditions for the poor people in large cities where very bad, so bad in fact that family’s were forced to share one room between themselves.

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The amendment of the poor law was introduced in 1834, this law was made to disapprove of poor people living in workhouses. Workhouses were horrible places to be, only people who had no other choice’s would live and work there. People who were in there would be separated according to their gender and age. This novel begins with the birth of Oliver twist, after Oliver’s mother had given birth she hardly had the strength to hold her own baby in her arms.

She gave him one last kiss before she closed her eyes and died.

Because his father or family could not be located he was put into a workhouse as an orphan. He was treated terribly, he was fed watery gruel three times a day, an onion twice a week and half a roll on Sundays. “They grew so hungry they used to worry they might eat each other” dickens used irony to highlight the serious neglect with that quote.

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The character Mrs. Mann took care of the children but did a terrible job of it. She mistreats the children, Mr. Bumble who is her superior is supposed to check on her but he puts up with her and her wrong doing.

I believe that the only reason Mrs. Mann chooses to look after the children is so she can torment and bully them, to feel that she is bigger and better then them. I think that the society and Mr. Bumble should not have let her get away with such savvier wrong doings and should have let her take care of the children. I think Charles dickens chose the name Mrs. Mann because it reflected the characters personality, she is a manly and strong character. Life in the workhouse was horrible, the conditions where very poor and the children where practically starving.

The boys where fed watery gruel three times a day. Oliver along with all the other children was skinny and small. The children chose between themselves who would go up and ask the master for more gruel after supper and in the end it came down to Oliver. So he went and asked, the workhouse governors were horrified at his crime so they locked him in a cell for over a week. Sum one would come in everyday and beat him. Oliver escaped to London and met a character name Jack Dawkins (AKA the Artful Dodger). He took Oliver to a place were he could stay.

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