The Last Crusade Movie

The film had weaknesses such as that the Holy Grail had been found by three brothers whom where to protect it from outsiders. The lengths at which they took to guard and hide it, such as burying the shield with one of the brothers showing the city for the starting point in the map, burying the tablet describing the Holy Grail, and the biblical codes to access the Holy Grail. The film romanticizes the Holy Grail and what It stands for.

The brothers set up traps to ward off or even kill Intruders. There, also, was a secret group to keep others from locating the Grail. If such a group were to truly exist, they would be more secretive In their actions. The film also showed more of a good versus evil plot line. The good, portrayed by Indiana Jones and his father, Dry. Henry Jones, and the evil, the Nazis. The Jones’ wanted the Holy Grail for proof of a divine power, the Nazis wanted it to help conquer the world.

The film had strengths in which it shows the Holy Grail for what it probably truly would be, a simple cup for a simple lifestyle crafted by a sample carpenter, not a jeweled or golden chalice. The film also showed how money would need to make a step out in faith in order to achieve everlasting life, and showing that Chrism’s blood will save us and give us the salvation we seek. The healing powers of the Holy Grail were demonstrated, although it is not truly known what the Holy Grail would heal like, or if in fact legend Is true, and the Holy Grail would grant eternal life.

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Simple Movie Review Example

Based on text and legend, the film followed closely In some aspects of the story of the Holy Grail, and fictionally others. The film shows many different Images taken from biblical times, as well as Images used In the storyline of he telling of the film’s plot. The film stays true In many ways to biblical text, showing and telling how the Holy Grail is Chrism’s cup. The cup He drank from on the night of his betrayal and arrest. Then, the cup was used to catch Chrism’s blood as it dripped from his wounds on the crucifix.

The film tells the Holy Grail was given to Joseph, for safe keeping, but then the Holy Grail was lost for a thousand years – this is where the movie steers off course from biblical text and states that three brothers, all knights found the Grail and hid it from the world. The movie, after all the action and fluff of good versus evil returns to biblical text when it is time for Jones to retrieve the Holy Grail. Indiana Jones takes his father’s notes to decode the entrance and gain access to the cup.

Indiana Jones must learn that you can’t be saved when you are dead. First, you must kneel and repent before God – because “only a penitent man will pass”. Then “Only In the footsteps of God will he proceed” – so we must learn the word of God – Jehovah! Next Indiana Jones must take a leap of faith in God and step not HIS paten walkout Knolling IT ten paten Is tenet, out only trusting In Nils Talon Indiana Jones must choose the correct cup. This is a true act of what Indiana Jones has learned from his father and his faith.

Gold, Jewels, etc. Do not make anything special or worthy, in fact they make us greedy and evil such as the Nazi’s. We must be humble in our ways to glorify the Lord. Indiana Jones picked wisely the cup of the carpenter. During the intense moments when Indiana Jones was trying to maneuver the trials to gain entry, he was completely dependent on the book his father wrote. The book that gave him detailed information on how to proceed on his path to stay safe.

Indiana Jones had to study the Journal and obey the rules to make it to safety to the Holy Grail. We have a book like Henry Jones Journal that guides our lives – we call in the Holy Bible. The Bible gives us clear directions and all the necessary information to live our lives in accordance with the Lord. In order for us to make it through all the obstacles laid before us in the flesh life on earth, we must follow the instructions listed by our Father to get to the kingdom of Heaven for everlasting life.

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