In The Time of Minerva Mirabal

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The following essay sample is about the Mirabal sisters from the work “The Times of the Butterflies”. To read the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

In my tenth grade literature class this year I had the opportunity to read a book that I had never thought about reading. To my surprise, once I started reading I couldn’t stop. The book was titled, “In The Time of The Butterflies”. This book spoke of four sisters who were just trying to survive.

One of the sisters, however, decided she wouldn’t Just survive, she would fight. This young woman was known as Minerva Miramar, the outspoken butterfly. How would you treat your half sisters and your father’s mistress? With hatred and anger… Sibyl, or would you give them love like Minerva Miramar did? It takes a strong person like Minerva to do something as astonishing as this. A strong person that Is destined to change the world one life at a time, and she did Just that.

Minerva Malabar Is the name of a woman that will always live on. She went through many different hardships and roadblocks, but she never stopped persevering. She was one of the people, who even during Truffles reign of terror never gave up hope. Throughout Mineral’s time of rebelling people often forgot to look at Mineral’s life as a whole. Minerva Miramar was the daughter of a man named Unripe Miramar.

She had three sisters, or so she thought.

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Half way through Mineral’s short life she found out about her father’s mistress and Mineral’s other four sisters. At first sight Minerva was outraged. She did not think that anything like this was possible. She even went as far as crashing her car into her father’s while he was at his mistress’ house. What she did next was even more astonishing. Minerva forgave her father. Forgiving her father was Just a little of what we know about Minerva Miramar. However, this Is enough to let us know what type of person she was. Minerva was the type of person that cared more for others than herself.

Mirabal Sisters

Even when she was In Jail she made sure that all the woman had what they needed. Minerva constantly put others before herself. Once Minerva started to realize the predicament her father got himself in she started to help. If Unripe Miramar wasn’t able to bring the girls money or other items Minerva would. Once Unripe died Minerva decided to enroll her younger sisters into school. Minerva wanted to make everything possible for the girls that was possible for her. She felt that it was her duty to make sure that the girls grew up right. It is amazing to think that even while Minerva was fighting

Trujillo regime she would not give up on her family. She showed this by taking care of her sisters. Not Just the ones that she grew up with, but also the ones she barely found out about. This shows everyone how good of a person Minerva was inside and out. She was as gentle as a butterfly and Just as determined. I know that this essay does not do Minerva Malabar Justice. I Just hope that It gets people to start to understand. I want this essay to be the start of peoples understanding of the Marsupials. Once this essay is read I wish that the reader becomes as intrigued in the peoples minds every now and again.

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