K12 - History - Unit 5 - Tang & Song Dynasty

What did the Tang Dynasty do that helped conserve the traditional values of Confucianism?
It revived the civil service examination system of the Han.

Who challenged traditional Confucian morality in his poetry?
Li Bai

Which was a result of the growing prosperity China experienced under the Song Dynasty?
The size of the gentry grew.

Which of the following was NOT an invention/creation of the Tang and Song dynasties?
They did NOT invent glass lenses for telescopes.

What did the Tang Dynasty do to try and make its government more efficient and effective?
They brought back the civil service examination system.

Which form of literature flourished under the Tang Dynasty?

Which best describes the rising prosperity under the Song Dynasty?
An emphasis on agriculture and trade resulted in a rising standard of living for most.

Which would MOST LIKELY be the subject matter of a Song Dynasty painting?
A detailed landscape of a mountain valley.

Which is NOT an example of a technological achievement of the Song Dynasty?
A waterwheel used for irrigation.

What was the Silk Road?
A network of trade routes that stretched across central Asia.

The Silk Road was responsible for the movement of all of the following except __________.

Which word or phrase describes the native people of Mongolia in the twelfth century?
Nomadic herdsmen.

Which best explains how the Mongols under Genghis Khan were able to establish and maintain a large empire?
They were skilled horsemen who adopted new military technologies and used terror as a weapon.

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Which describes a lasting legacy of the Mongol Empire?
The introduction of Islam into central Asia.

The Mongol Empire at its greatest extent would be from ___________ to ____________.
Korea to Hungary (East to West)

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K12 - History - Unit 5 - Tang & Song Dynasty
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