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“Judas Iscariot” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Judas Iscariot”

It has long wanted to read. And so I decided. But no, my writer, after all. I do not want to see the world in leonidandreevski.

Do not believe in good and Andreev wholehearted love … Jesus left him detached, hypocritical apostles and Judas proud and schizophrenic. But! Judah, in fact, the only decent person in the book (Jesus Wait do not touch). He, despite the urge to lie, sincere – sincerely believes that things are not without sin, all have something to hide and what to blush. And it’s hard not to agree, although this constant reminder of some depressing. He is selfish and prone to outrageous, but that seems to really become attached to Jesus. Lines can be continued. Actually, I saw a parallel between teachers and students. But not in opposition, as in the church dogmas, and in addition something. Both are lonely, both do not understand the others, the other two could not be without the other. The greatest good in the novel – the perpetuation of Jesus, the foundation for the Christian, is laid through the worst evil – betrayal. But what is the salt, otherwise it was impossible. Judas is not a traitor, and the artist will of God, while the other 11 apostles and others supposedly faithful to Christ, traitors. Interesting point of view. Abstracting from the particular (Judah), it is possible to reconsider their views on the overall (Christianity).

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By the way, there is nothing Andreev nobody argues. He simply interprets popular story in a new way. And it’s very interesting to read. Eternal theme. Lovely syllable. Entertaining narrative. And all together – powerful. hooks emotion words and where to dig much deeper than even required. Atmospheric book. Once it can be a long time to dig into yourself, analyzing more and more deep layers.

To advise everyone to read … I do not know. Someone “Judas” may sound seditious, and someone like me, for example, reopen the old dislike of canonical biblical motifs. But, on the other hand, in the case of Judas and Jesus, this book gives a good reason to think … yes a lot about. And you want to think?

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