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Lady Macbeth may be considered to be a modern female role model as her character conforms to the abnormal attitudes of a typical Elizabethan woman. Nevertheless she also presents attitudes of typical behaviour accepted of woman during the period. Firstly, discussing how Lady Macbeth is not a modern female role model. It can be acknowledged that Lady Macbeth never really possesses legitimate power of her own.

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Though it is evident that she does make some decisions on her own and also produces some individual ideas; these are influenced by other characters, for xample, the idea of Macbeth becoming King, elevates her to persuade him of killing Duncan.

What cannot you and I perform upon th’unguarded Duncan? Somewhat persuades Macbeth to carry out the plan through Lady Macbeth’s use of manipulation, in addition she also includes herself in the plan, therefore she does not make Macbeth feel isolated in the plan.

As a result, Lady Macbeth does not make any complete decisions solely, besides her own suicide; which could be argued was the influence of Macbeth.

This is because Lady Macbeth seems to lose control of her dominant persona from the aftermath of Banquds death, which eventually causes er to end her own life through her insane state. Therefore it illustrates Lady Macbeth’s ability to lose control, which would not be a positive characteristic of a modern female.

Another aspect of Lady Macbeth’s personality which may be deemed as being inappropriate for a modern role model is how she makes decisions behind Macbeth’s back and without asking for Macbeth’s accurate and thought out decision in the murder of Duncan.

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‘Unsex me here and fill me from the crown to the toe topfull’ Not only does this quote connote Lady Macbeth’s craving desire for monarchy, nd puts forth her ambition for power. ‘Fill me from the crown’ may convey her ability to make decisions without Macbeth’s consent and discussion.

This more ill-behaved and selfish side of Lady Macbeth puts light onto how she has no feelings for others, as killing Duncan will lead her husband to becoming queen; which will essentially make her Queen. Conversely, Lady Macbeth’s yearning for authority shows her eliminating anything which comes in-between her and control. ‘Have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums and dashed the brains out’ indicates that she would ill her own child in order for Macbeth to become King.

As a result, through some thought it may be considered that if Macbeth were to have died during his reign, Lady Macbeth would become the female monarch due to having no heir. Contextually this links to Queen Elizabeth, or the virgin queen’ as her chastity is what made her be considered as Gloriana, therefore Lady Macbeth may want to aspire to be monarch, similar to Elizabeth as she only became Queen as her sister, Mary did not have an heir to the throne. is Lady Macbeth a modern female role model? By remturd

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