“Prehistory” may be defined as that period prior to
written records

The first civilizations appeared
on the banks of rivers

The term Paleolithic is used interchangeably with the term
Old Stone Age

Research into the origins or writing suggest that written signs derived from
markings on clay tokens

One of the earliest landmarks was

The world’s oldest clay vessels appear to have come from

The principal difference between the humanism of Italy and that Northern Europe was the greater ___________ emphasis of the letter

The landmark significance of the Protestant Reformation was the fact that it
shattered the religious unity of Western Christendom

Luther posted his landmark Ninety-Five Theses on a cathedral door in

Luther asserted that the key to salvation was

Protestant reformers objected to all of the following EXCEPT
reading the Bible in the vernacular

The master printmaker of the 16th century was

The city in which Calvin established a theocratic state was

“The Black Death” describes the pandemic caused by
bubonic plague

Of the Black Death, it is correct to say that it
took the lives of at least one third of Europe’s population

The Magna Carta was significant in
the rise of constitutional monarchy in England

The Hundred Years’ War was instigated by
English claims to French lands and the French crown

The English withdrew from France, ending the Hundred Years’ War, after facing a revitalized French army under the leadership of
Joan of Arc

Ars nova is the name given to
expressive new musical style of the 14th century

“The Great Schism” refers to the
rivalry between 2 contesting popes

The interdict of excommunication were methods by which
the Church maintained its authority

The sacraments by which medieval Christians hoped to receive the grace of God
were codified by an early 13th century church council

According to medieval Catholic teachings, what was the intermediate realm where Christians were punished for repented sins that had not been expiated before their deaths?

“Christendom” refers to the
Christian community of the Middle Ages

The most important of the 7 sacraments and central ritual of the Mass is
the Eucharist

According to Hildegard, the visions that she recorded in Scivias came to her from
a voice from Heaven

Which of the following was NOT essential to the medical synthesis?
Chinese culture

The landmark literature of the Germanic tribes took the form

The Battle of Adrianople was a landmark event that
opened the door to the Germanic invasion of the West

The landmark event known as the Battle of Hastings is famously recorded in
The Bayeux Tapestry

The interlace designs of the Book of Kells are most similar to the patterns
on metalwork artifacts from Germanic graves

Among the most numerous and impressive landmarks of the Carolingian renaissance were
illuminated manuscripts in more legible script

Which of the following four regions is NOT generally regarded as one based on divine revelation

The Hebrew claim to Canaan begins with the biblical story of

After their Exodus from Egypt, the Hebrews retook Canaan by defeating the

Which cultural landmark was attributed to King David
the Psalms

The earliest of the Gospels was written
at least forty years after the death of Jesus

The first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible are known as the

Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations arose in
the Aegean Sea

The so-called “Heroic Age” refers to the era that produced
the Greek epics

The word “Hellenic” means

The gods of ancient Greece were
all these answers are correct

The word “marathon” derives from
news of a Greek military victory over the Persians

The origins of Greek drama are probably found in
religious celebrations

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