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How To Reduce Pollution Essay Analysis Paper

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For instance, people in our country can use handy craft products and do their farm by the human being like doing farm in a traditional way without using any kind of tractors. Furthermore, for the products which are made by machines, such as paper, bottles, cans, or plastic bags, we should re-use and recycle them as possible as we can instead of producing more products. The machines will rest from production and also rest from dispose CO to the air. The second way to solve this problem is to reduce the using of vehicles.

People should change from travel by their own car or motorbike to travel by public transportation such as taxies, buses, or trains. When we can cut down the amount of cars or motorbikes on the street, the amount of CO also decrease and we can save our air. Moreover, you will save money while you do your segment to reduce air pollution. According to Science Applications International Corporation (2007), “Public transportation use reduces travel by private vehicles. ” (p. 2). The third way we have to do is planting trees.

Trees invert carbon dioxide into oxygen, cleaning up air pollution every day, so we have to reduce cutting down of it. According to McPherson (2003), “Leaves of trees absorb or intercept air pollutants, including small particulate matter and the components of smog. ” (p. 1 In addition, the trees help cool neighborhoods to create less need for air conditioning. In conclusion, we must work together to reduce pollution so that the future generations can live in a healthy, unpolluted environment.

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How To Reduce Air Pollution How To Reduce Air Pollution How To Reduce Air Pollution

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