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Adolf Hitler Prelude To War Paper

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Adolf Hitler was a brilliant man, a charismatic leader, and a harsh dictator.His promises of a better life for nationalistic Germans allowed him to successfully rise to power and attempt world domination.He ruled through terror and left a staggering death toll of six million Hitler was born in Austria in 1889.He dropped out of school at age 14, and four years later left his home for Vienna to become an artist. He was told he had no artistic talent and was denied admission into the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts (Pinchbeck).Living on the streets of Vienna he “discovered that the Germans were a superior race of people and the natural masters of the inferior races of Europe. He also learned his anti-Semitism, racism and hatred of all Slavic people” (Kreis).He was inspired but an ex-monk named Liebenfels who taught him the belief in “the superiority of the Germans, the inevitability of racial conflict and the inferiority of the Jews” and also taught him that to grow the master race by selective breeding and the “systematic sterilization of inferior races” (Kreis). When was broke out in 1914, Hitler found in it meaning and discipline and a reason for living.The war provided him with a fresh start and “a chance for him to become involved in proving that Germany was superior to other European countries” (Pinchbeck).Hitler enjoyed both the excitement of fighting a war and the feeling of being apart of a group fighting for a common goal (Pinchbeck).After their defeat in 1918, “Hitler’s world was shattered; (Kreis).Following the news of their surrender, Hitler experienced severe bouts of depression, including periods where he cried uncontrollably (Pinchbeck).He served as Chancellor of Germany under Hindenburg from 1933 to its surrender in May 1945 (Westra).In August 1934, Hindenburg dies, leaving Hitler as P…

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