Funeral Blues W.H Auden - Poem - Away related text 1.

“Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone?” Implies the importance of mourning for an individual undergoing the devastating loss of a significant figure. Emphasises how silence and quiet is pinnacle for ppl to seek solace and begin to encounter their emotional discovery in desperation to leave the envelopment of darkness the are encumbered in. Hyperbolic language – final stanza “for nothing now can ever come to any good” – moment of anagnorosis within the poem Reflects how the realisation that love does not last forever, has a colossal impact on life.

Pathos of the final stanza Immerses the readers with a sense of hopelessness and pity for the man discovering the loss of his loved one.

The readers lack of optimism is overwhelmed with a sense of sorrow with vision of a bleak future. Concise and powerful poem -accentuates individuals discovery and how it led to negatively encapsulating his life.  Can lead to harrowing contemplation and realistion Repitition and annaphora – third stanza “He was my North, My South, My East, My West, My working week and my Sunday Rest.

” highlights that the traumatic expereince of losing his loved one has negatively altered life in a holistic sense. The constant repetition of first person account ‘My’ reflects the poets inner most subjective feeling about tragic loss. ZEMBLANITY of the loss of the loved one. Metaphoric Language highlights directionaless existence.

Begginning of the transformational journey of discovery. Author is experiencing endless and relentless gired, now unguided by his significant other who was once all points of the compass, he needs to descover where to from here.

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Resolution of the plot “I thought”, “I was wrong.” admits he was wrong and that he was niave to believe that external love lasts forever. Marks the epiphany like moment, where the man reaches the pinnacle point of realistion. realises he has been naive by youth and now understands the fragility of a mans existence Realisation makes it evident that the death and grieving of a loved one can be the catalyst for explicit self-discoveries. Emotional introspection of the soul and human condition within the poem ‘Funeral Blues.’

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Funeral Blues W.H Auden - Poem - Away related text 1.
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