Freaky Friday 1976

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Freaky Friday is a switched identities comedy movie that will appeal to mother and teen kids alike. It is a good movie for families to watch together as it will spark shared laughter and possible lively conversation about parent child relationship. Although they share the same story, I was surprised as to how it differed. The story supporting characters, including the mother and the teen daughter who constantly argue and hate each other switch identities, are slightly modified from the original to the remake.

In the 1976 version, the mother name was Ellen Andrews played by Barbara Harris and the daughter name was Annabelle Andrews played by Jodie Foster while in the 2003 version the mothers name was Tess Coleman played by Jamie lee Curtis and the daughter name was Anna Coleman played by Linda Lohan, the characters were different due to modernized version. In the 1976 version, Ellen is a married woman with two kids who is a stay at home wife, she usually envy her daughter and always argue with her, her daughter Annabelle is a 13 years old high school teen who is an avid swimmer, she always disagree with her mom and think that her mom life is easy, she always like to make and follow her rule.

While in the 2003 version, Tess is a successful professional therapist who lives a hectic life. A widower with two kids and a fiancee she is always on the go. And always arguing with her daughter, her lifestyle is always stuck with schedule. Her daughter Anna on the other hand is completely different, she has a rebellious attitude and in between falling in love with the token guy with a motorcycle and practicing in her band she argues with her mother.

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Both Anna and Annabelle has an annoying brother but Anna brother is named Harry while Annabelle brother is named Ben, Anna has an adorable sixteen years old acrobatic sister name Jessie but Anabelle does not have a sister. I could easily identify the main characters because they were performing almost …

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Freaky Friday 1976
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