Fleur Adcock Poems

Variety is essential to human happiness.

Last Song
That which humans deem as beautiful will eventually fade. Everything that we see as normal changes and shifts.

A person’s soul should be preserved despite the severity of his/her crimes.

(alt. interpretation: Resisting oppression and dying is healthier for the soul than submitting to it).

The Pangolin
Humans can’t control their dreams to avoid facing their fears.

Attraction cannnot be controlled and sometimes leads people into ineffectual relationships.

The Prize-Winning Poem
Originality in language is encouraged, but personal relfection and individuality is not when it comes to writing poems in a consumer market.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Originality in writing is extremely difficult to achieve.

Advice To A Discarded Lover
Time is the only thing that can heal a relationship.

Poem Ended By Death
Honesty about one’s emotions when speaking of the dead, allows a catharsis to take place.

The Ex-Queen Among The Astronomers
When people feel isolated they strive to find a connection with others.

(alt. interpretation: humans need connection to others in order to lead rewarding, fulfilling lives)

Everything inevitably returns to the ground it came from.

Death should not be decorated as something that is special as it is a very gruesome process.

(alt. interpretation: Death, like life, is cyclic in nature. All who are alive now, from the young and beautiful to the old and decrepit, will eventually die.)

One must set their past behind them in order to die and leave the earth.

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(alt. interpretation: people are incapable of controlling their subconscious mind in dreams.)

The Water Below
Subconscious vs. Conscious (Water=Subconscious)

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Fleur Adcock Poems
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