Feminism in Game of Thrones

We are now starting to see a stronger role of women on television as we grow as a society. We have seen the role of women change in media over time; female characters are just as significant and strong as male character. First women were housewives who schemers and caused drama and rivalry but now we see more of a positive active role. Game of Thrones is a show that shows women in many different perspectives through different female characters.

The most significant and certainly the strongest female character on the show is Queen Daenerys Targaryen.

In the beginning of the series we see that she is controlled by her brother. She does everything he says and gives me everything he wants. Her brother sells her to the leader of the Dothrak in exchange for an army. In the first season she is very oppressed but when she becomes pregnant she becomes strong. After losing her son and husband she becomes even more strong and uses her dragons to conquer cities and create a massive army for herself.

Her character becomes stronger as her journey goes on. She goes from being an oppressed girl who does everything she is told by her brother and husband to this girl who makes her own empire. She is the Queen who fights for what she believes to be right. She frees the slaves of every land she conquers. Many people try to play and take advantage for her for having little to no resources and the fact that she was a woman trying to get back what was rightfully hers and she proves all of them wrong.

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She defeats everyone who challenged her. She fights through everything to get everything she wants. She does something that no man in the show was able to do or in their history.

One of the most hated people on the show is Cersei Lannister but she is one of the most interesting characters. There is no doubt that Cersei Lannister only loves her children and is willing to do anything for them. Everything she does is really selfish but it is for the ones she love…

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Feminism in Game of Thrones
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