Unqualified Absolutism

The issue of a jihad, or holy war is a term brought from the bible to give bearing to the conquest of the land of one by the request of God. If and what relevance does this term have to the world as we know it today? The ongoing conflict in the Middle East is a prime example that it is still an issue and probably always will be. This ethical problem deeply affects three of the most prominent influences on the way each culture in the world operates.

First is the political aspect. The Israeli possession of Palestine, treatment of the Palestinian people, and the habitation of the West Bank all make us vulnerable when taking either side. Meaning we put ourselves in a situation where we automatically make an enemy. This brings the second point into perspective.How should we act in warfare? Should we be participants or just object and watch, because how do we know if God is on the same side we are and what the consequences of the actions will be.

The third point is that with the above in mind, how does this affect our view on the character of a God who can judge a group and be fair to each of us individually. There are two basic ethical decisions when deciding upon where to stand on the view of a holy war.Is it right or is it wrong?The view that holy war is moral and right comes from the term Graded Absolutism.

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This states that killing is clearly against God’s law, but God exempted Israel from breaking these to satisfy higher laws (Geisler 27, 115-118). The other is Unqualified Absolutism. This states just the opposite, that it is wrong no matter what, and that God’s law against killing is a moral absolute that must not be broken. (Geisler 27).What were the reasons for the rise of a holy war? From my reading I have found four distinct events that led to the start of each war. First, each followed an outcry against a nation that practiced extreme, widespread violence and cruelty. Also, each was preceded by extensive exposure to…

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Unqualified Absolutism
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