Synthesis Of Alum

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Some reasons for not getting a 100% may include the crystals still have moisture in them, any incorrect measurements, impurities in solutions, and the fact the crystals kept in the drawer were not weighed at the end. Despite the error alum was formed wrought the synthesis of aluminum foil proving that this experiment worked. More time spent in lab, more careful measurements, and the elimination of impurities would have dictated a more precise yield.

A cloudy participate was made when barium chloride was added to alum and the test indicates the presence of SASS- in the form of Bases.

A purple flame was produced when alum was placed over the Bunsen burner on the tip of a burn stick. This indicates the wavelength of alum is approximately Mann; using equations and constants the frequency and energy are obtained. When 1. 5 KOCH was added to the alum crystals and water,

Alum Synthesis

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Synthesis Of Alum
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