Suspense Unleashed: Crafting Tension and Anticipation through Film Techniques

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“Speed” is a typical action movie. It follows a simple-minded basic plot but despite this still manages to captivate its audience. It can be classed as an action movie through the big explosions, high speed chases and through a crazed killer being incorporated into the plot to creat “Speed” doesn’t disappoint. Through big-budget explosions and non stop action speed makes up for its lack of dialogue which is common for an action movie. The effect that action movies which keeps them on-edge.

Because of this expectation, the audience can’t stop watching because they want to see what happens next. Cliff hangers also achieve this because the audience are desperate to see the ending. Throughout the film suspense is always hanging in the air. This suspense is created by the following film techniques: music and sound effects, colour, camera shots and angles, dialogue, characters, plot and action and the method of foreshadowing.In feel like something is going to happen and makes them feel uneasy because they have a feeling that something bad is going to happen this feeling is created by the violins harsh, eerie sound.

As a tense or exciting situation in a movie is about to occur or is approaching the music gets louder and more intense. For example, as Howard Payne picks up the screwdriver and stabs the security guard. When he finally actually stabs the security guard the music emits a sudden burst of sound and confirms the fear we had that something was going to happen.

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Silences are often used in the action and horror genres of movies and are used when something is about to happen. For example in the scene where the first elevator bomb blows music was being built up and when it blew there is silence as to not distract from the explosion. The silence is so the audience can take in the shock of the bomb without being distracted.Music is used as a main source of suspense in action movies as you can use it to create different types of emotions and suspense. For example in the opening credits and expectation. Sound effects like the drilling in the shaft and the creaking of the elevator are very effective because they add uncertainty and anticipation to the scene. The drilling of the shaft causes uncertainty because when you hear the drilling it is coming from off-screen, this makes the audience uneasy and gives them a feeling of anticipation as they may think it is the bomber doing the drilling. When the elevator is creaking there is confusion and used suggest an eerie atmosphere and unnerve the audience as they don’t know what might be hiding in the dark. Also, in the scene where the security guard is stabbed there is a caution sign in the colours black and yellow. This puts the audience on edge and makes them feel nervous for the security guard because the black and yellow colours are a warning to be cautious.Dialogue in the action movie genre is limited, but can play a role in forwarding the plot and building relief or tension. It is mainly used just to remind the audience that it is entirely fictional. To achieve this aim of reminding the audience it is entirely fictional they add ‘corny one liners’ to the story and unbelievable comments in tense situations topress?” This is used to give the audience a moment of relief from the intensity of the situation. There is usually not a lot of conversation in the action movies because it is not always needed as actions speak louder than words. Dialogue is not vital . The dialogue that is used in action movies usually contains an expletive at least once during the movie. It is usually said by the villain or the hero. It is said by the villain to show his instability and short fuse, but when they are said by the hero it is usually done to show his fear or anger. This creates suspense because the audience think the and angles are essential in movies and that is why so much attention is given to them. For example, during the title and opening credits, the camera moves with the lift downwards through the lift shaft. It is always facing opposite from the lift as well. This shot is called a tracking shot and is used to emphasise an object while creating tension because the focus is all on the lift shaft. Because of this attention on the lift shaft it foreshadows that something bad will happen there.Whenever two people are fighting or if there is a murder a close up or zoom in shot is usually used. A close up or zoom in shot makes the audience feel closer to theDifferent angles in the scenes are also used for example the P.O.V. (point of view) perspective in the scene where the curity guard is killed. We are only seeing things from the bomber’s point of v This is used to add tension to the scene as we have not yet seen the bomber’s face.Jac purely for entertainments sake as there is usually no hidden political message.The director (Jan De Bont) constantly adds to the suspense in the movie by putting Jack in constant danger and Keeping his life at risk. Jack is the movie in a way and it is because of this that the audienould hate too see him harmed or killed. The pace of the film is as fast as its title and never ceases to disappoint with its non stop action and thrilling scenes. Overall ‘Speed’ is a typical action movie that follows a simple-minded, basic plot but despite, or because of, this it still manages to captivate its audience, a film that will keep you riveted to the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

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